If You're Gonna Stay On The Reco List For 2 Months Do A Rewrite!

EPU has been supporting Israel in the Gaza Strip since Monday, December 29th!
Martin has been sucking lemons with McCain since Sunday, December 14th!
There’s EPU again telling the 52% that we told you so since Friday, December 12th. Oh…and he’s become a front pager since then! Congratulations again EPU….couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!
And Gunner…What can I say? The kid is cute as a button…but how about a new Pic Erick…what is he…like 3 now? I’d like to see how the little guy is coming along!
And what can I say about mbecker…Dude…it’s a great post…but hasn’t the President choked up that rope yet? I was feeling the love when you first posted that thing Wednesday, December 10th but the bloom has worn off the rose after 32 days!

This is probably my favorite of the bunch but I think we get the point after reading it since Sunday, December 14th

mbecker? You again?…This one went up since Thursday, December 18th! Yeah Powell’s a jerk…but he’s slithered back to hi hidey whole and I’m sure you could come up with something a little more current to fill your semi permanent space…or spaces to be more precise.
And there you are again…Yeah Duncan’s been an idiot since Thursday, December 4th, and long before that for that matter…but Chamblis is in the Senate now and Duncan is well on his way to screwing us for another 2 years…and you’ve updated your update I see…maybe you could write a bit in this spot about the joys of seeing your name in lights for a month and a half!
Definitely one of the best and most logical libertarian defense of the Pro-Life position I have ever read…this would make a good book if expanded upon…Ll “Beaglescout” Miller…you are simply brilliant and earned your front page promotion of this piece on Friday, December 12th
This story is why the WAR ON DRUGS is an utter failure!
by Jaded

Finally my girl Jaded! Thursday, December 4th…38 days at the top…You go girl…

You can go and unpublish your diary and write something totally new that will show up on the Reco List and give the rest of us something else to look at.

I love ya Neil…are we there yet?