My Challenge To All Red Staters and Front Pagers: The Way Back For Conservatives

I’ve had plans to do something to expose the clowns at the RNC that run this party and game the system to keep liberal Republicans in control of a center right party, but after reading this post ” No Wonder The GOP Is On It’s Knees ,” on the front page, I’ve decided move this project up and challenge all Red Staters to help lead a conservative insurgency against the establishment of the Republican Party!

I’m busy digging up stuff on the “RLC”, “It’s My Party Too” “Republicans for Choice,” “Log Cabin Republicans,” etc. as part of this effort and hope to have a second installment of my blog on the “RMSP” next week…(I hope I didn’t just screw myself with that because every time I publicly set myself a deadline to do a blog I get writer’s bock and can’t complete it)…so. I don’t have time to do that and do what I’m about to ask you all to do….SO HELP ME PLEASE!

My intention has always been to take on the RNC and these arrogant fools as well as the committee structure at the national convention so “we can make these guys famous” (to quote one of their squish nominees). Some of you have time and the ability to access info that I don’t. You can all help me and Red State by finding a roster of the 168 members of the RNC and post it. Each of us can pick one of them at a time, do a bio on each of them complete with their committee positions at the Conventions and their offices within the RNC. Maybe add their scores ACU, CFG and other scores if they can be found so everyone knows who they are, and what they are all about.

This is how we start a Conservative insurgency against the northeastern establishmentarians that have kept us over a barrel since Reagan! It is our ignorance that has kept us slaves to these people!

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

With this in mind, I’d say we’ve had a “sincere ignorance,” of how our slave drivers have kept us captive to their liberal views,(in the way of believing our liberal leadership when they tell us we need to tolerate their liberal proclivities and demand we pander to moderates and liberals in the center to win elections)!

We’ve been “conscientiously stupid” in that we’ve let them continue to control us despite the expansion of the “Great Society” under Nixon and Ford from 1968 through 1976, and the disastrous elections that occurred in 1976, 1992, 1996, 2006, and now 2008.

I love the quote from I don’t know where, “Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed.” I would say it’s time to fix our ignorance and avoid the stupidity of continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…Its time to know our enemy within the party and stop being controlled by him.

Another example of our “sincere ignorance,” would be refusing to learn how to participate in the convention process and influencing the party by finding out how you and other Red Staters can start working at the precinct conventions and work through the local, state and national convention system each election cycle. This needs to be done to short circuit the networking system these liberals use to thwart us at every turn.

My second Challenge is that you find out how you get started in conventions and caucuses at the local and state levels and write about it here, at TMR and any other forum so we can get as many like minded individuals as possible involved in the process.

The only way we will ever get control of this Party is for conservatives to participate at each level of the convention process and get our people into the power structure at the RNC.

The way this works for the Rockefeller crowd is they have liberals at the top and they work to make sure only liberal Republicans are promoted into the working apparatus of the Party behind them. They promote liberal Republicans to the level below them…and so on until they have control of the party from the precincts of the party all the way to the top.

We need sleepers who can play the part of squishes and get promoted. Once at the next level they can promote conservative members including more sleepers who will leap frog them and move more conservatives up to even higher levels. We need to vote out chairmen wherever we can and continue to network with each other at each level of the convention process…We need to work on getting positions on committees within the party and not allow the old guard to protect their turf by hand picking members for the platform committees, the credential committees and every other controlling committee in the party.

We also need to stay engaged in the process in off years and congressional election years. Most conservatives who participate in the conventions show up every presidential election and are nowhere to be seen the rest of the time leaving the party to those who do not have our best interests at heart in control for the following four years and into perpetuity. This self destructive behavior must end if conservatives are ever to take control of this party and maintain it!

When you go to any party function, don’t just stay to yourselves…talk to as many people as possible and exchange contact info with everyone you find who are three legged Conservatives…stay in touch in off years and move to control your conventions as much as possible each election cycle…and above all…Regularly meet with contacts from each of your conventions, whether it be local, district, state, or national and discuss strategy for moving up and gaining control over your sphere of influence whether it be on bulletin boards, blogs, internet chats or in person. When votes and motions are brought forward at conventions or at party headquarters, compromise as little as possible as you work within the system, but be careful and don’t kill your chances to move up and do more later.

So…Who’s ready to get in the game and go to work?