UPDATE: The RMSP, A Liberal Insurgency In Our Midst: Part 1

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Ever Wonder How All Those RINOS Got Control Of The GOP? What You Should Know About The Republican Main Street ProjectPosted by A.C. Swiger on Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:41:52 PM

**I’ve done quite a bit of research on the RMSP prior to the election and stopped for a while to avoid torpedoing our candidate and our chances in the 2008 elections. I am re-posting planning this to bring everyone back to speed on what I’ve posted to date and I hope this will be the first of several installments depending how well this is received and if it get’s enough interest to make the additional research worth the effort.

One more before the review…Since the election is now over I’ll add one more little tidbit that I buried when this was first posted. The RMSP has an award that is given out to the person that year who has done the most to promote their moderate, (read subversive and liberal), positions…their most prominent member to receive this award in the last several years is none other than one JOHN SYDNEY MCCAIN. So much for the “Foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution!*

Now, without further adieu: *

Have you ever wondered where all those RINOs go to scheme and subvert the goals of Conservatives in the Republican Party and how they maintain “Centrist”, (read Liberal), control of a center right party? Ever wonder what ever happened to the Gingrich Revolution when the GOP stormed Washington and gained control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years? Have you ever wanted to know why we weren’t able to complete the Contract with America or how the losses of 2006 were engineered and who engineered them?

Well…look no farther. I stumbled upon The Republican Main Street Project while researching information for another article.

I’ve heard of the Republican Main Street Project but never paid any attention to who they were or what they were about over the years since the Republican sweeps in the 1994 elections. Well…Today I got an answer to that and many questions I’ve asked myself since 1994.

From their Web Site:

“The November 1994 mid-term elections were commonly referred to as the “Republican Revolution.” Given the great gains made by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, a group of moderate House Republicans began informal meetings to discuss ways to further a centrist, pragmatic Republican agenda — one that could accommodate bipartisan legislative results. At that time, there was great concern that a dramatic shift to the right was quickly approaching, given the new congressional leadership. The discussion group began to craft a moderate Republican agenda with a fiscally conservative background.

What began as a congressional discussion group started by Reps. Nancy Johnson, Steve Gunderson and Fred Upton has evolved into a national gathering of leaders from government, business and education who share a commitment to conservative, pragmatic approaches to business in a global context; to compassion in our communities and character in our national leaders.

Many of the original participants are now leaders of Main Street. The Chairman of the Board is John “Jock” McKernan, a former member of Congress, and two-term Governor of Maine. An original founder of the Partnership is former Rep. Amo Houghton of New York, who is the only former corporate CEO of a Fortune 500 company to have served in the House of Representatives…..

Addressing a broad spectrum of issues, the Partnership reaches out to disenfranchised Republicans– people who are distressed by the stridency too-often associated with the Party, and to others attracted by a thoughtful, centrist approach to Republican politics. The Partnership demonstrates inclusion, respect, reason and compassion.

In the words of Gov. McKernan, the message of the Partnership is “one of quiet diplomacy, rather than wedge politics.”

Say what? “Given the great gains made by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate” These guys, by their own words, written on their own web site, were so overcome by a “great concern that a dramatic shift to the right was quickly approaching, given the new congressional leadership” that they formed an organization of RINOS to undercut and subvert everything that had been done by grass roots activists, (what the preamble to the Constitution calls “We The People”), to return this government to sanity!

You got it…we returned the Congress to Republican Rule for the first time in 40 years, and they couldn’t stand it! How dare we stand up for anything and how dare we steal the Congress from its rightful owners in the Democrat Party?

To add insult to injury, they want to “bring in people who are distressed by the stridency too-often associated with the Party, and to others attracted by a thoughtful, centrist approach to Republican politics. The Partnership demonstrates inclusion, respect, reason and compassion”?

As opposed to those strident un-thoughtful non-inclusive, disrespectful, unreasoning and uncompassionate knuckle dragging Neanderthals who call themselves Conservatives?!

Who are these RINOS who have taken it upon themselves to stomp out the uneducated and ignorant cavemen on the right who would dare to win elections for the Republican Party?

Let’s begin with the most high profile and most recognized name among the many who have subverted our Party to their way of doing things.

Let me introduce to you all to, John Sydney McCain!

What’s that you ask? That foot soldier of the Reagan Revolution? Yup…That would be him…Foot soldier my ample rear end.. Our boy John happened to be around when Reagan swept us to victory the same way he was around when Newt Gingrich brought us to power…so that makes him a soldier in the Reagan Revolution?

Well, Imagine that! /sarc

I’ll add a list of the rest of these squishes from their web site after I’ve said the following:

Hey Main Street Project and the RINOS you represent!!!

This is our Party. WE’VE done the work to put this Party in the majority. In fact WE did something that hadn’t been done in 60 to 80 years and that was to return all three branches of this government to Republican Control…WE walked the streets. WE manned the phone banks. WE knocked on doors and passed out literature across this great country. WE gave our hard earned dollars to see you all in the majority!

The Republican Party is a big tent…but it is OUR tent! WE built it. You are welcome to come in, in fact WE invited you in and did all the things I mentioned and put you in office. But you have NO RIGHT to freeze out the very people who not only invited you in…but have given you a position of prominence for far too long! So how did you return our hospitality? I think 2006 and the crushing landslide facing us in 2008, (Prophetic aye?), speaks for its self!

Conservatives, Fredheads and SoCons need to sit up and take note. Copy this list of RINOS and post it where you will see it every day. Put it on your mirror where you will see it every morning. Post it in your office so you will see it all day long. Put it on your night stand and memorize the names of these treasonous pit vipers before you go to sleep and keep your powder dry. Whether McCain wins this election or not…one thing needs to be taken to heart by all of us…there are already RINO incumbents losing primary battles across this country in 2008 and many more lost in 2006 in primaries and the general election because Conservatives stayed home…We need to have challengers to each and every member of the “Main Street Project” and work our behinds off to send them to their K street Cronies and give the power we can provide them to someone more deserving!

The bloodletting has already begun. We’re counting on you to pick up your pitchforks and clubs and storm the RINO’s Ivory ramparts in the elections to come. Let your rage and indignation boil and let the blue blood flow across the Ivory Towers of our RINO masters and LET FREEDOM RING!!

Let this be a beginning…In the spirit of our maverick leader let us resolve here and now to join together and repay this treacherous organization and those it represents for it’s treachery and return; blow for blow, it’s strikes at the hearts Conservatives across this country !

Here’s the list of the more prominent members of this organization. The last time I ran this I had plenty of folks criticize the fact that some of the Congressmen and Senators have good numbers from CPAC. I’ve done additional work on that and have their scores…I’m currently working on pulling in their phone contacts so they can be called and asked why they would participate in such a group and I need to edit the list to reflect the changes after the 2008 elections…funny how so many of these guys keep losing ain’t it?. That will be part two of the series if there is one. *

U.S. Senate

Sen. Norm Coleman, Minnesota
Sen. Susan Collins, Maine
Sen. John McCain, Arizona
Sen. Gordon Smith, Oregon
Sen. Olympia Snowe, MaineSen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania

U.S. House

Rep. Judy Biggert, Illinois

Rep. Brian Bilbray, California

Rep. Mary Bono, California

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, Florida

Rep. Ken Calvert, California

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia

Rep. Michael Castle, Delaware

Rep. Thomas Davis, III, Virginia

Rep. Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania

Rep. David Dreier, California

Rep. Vernon Ehlers, Michigan

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri

Rep. Phil English, Pennsylvania

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, New Jersey

Rep. Jim Gerlach, Pennsylvania

Rep. Wayne Gilchrest, Maryland

Rep. David Hobson, Ohio

Rep. Timothy Johnson, Illinois

Rep. Mark Kirk, Illinois

Rep. John R. Kuhl, New York

Rep. Ray LaHood, Illinois

Rep. Steven LaTourette, Ohio

Rep. Jerry Lewis, California

Rep. Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey

Rep. Jim McCrery, Louisiana

Rep. Thomas Petri, Wisconsin

Rep. Todd Platts, Pennsylvania

Rep. Jon Porter, Nevada

Rep. Deborah Pryce, Ohio

Rep. Jim Ramstad, Minnesota

Rep. Ralph Regula, Ohio

Rep. Dave Reichert, Washington

Rep. Jim Saxton, New Jersey

Rep. Christopher Shays, Connecticut

Rep. Patrick Tiberi, Ohio

Rep. Michael Turner, Ohio

Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan

Rep. Greg Walden, Oregon

Rep. James Walsh, New York

Rep. Jerry Weller, Illinois

Rep. Heather Wilson, New Mexico


Gov. Linda Lingle, Hawaii

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California