If You Still Can’t Vote For McCain, Do It For Sarah!

Ever since John McCain won the nomination this past March, I have struggled with the idea of casting a vote for him. I know…shocking ain’t it? I’ve tried to hide my contempt for the man and I’m sure many of you are shocked to hear this for the first time. {/sarc}

So Monday I’m out taking a new contract to the Title Company, dealing with a home inspection for a client, and spending a daddy day with my three year old while the other two boys were in school. Being a traditionalist, I generally don’t vote early believing that election day is a solemn occasion and the process of walking into the polling place and carrying out ones duty to choose our leadership should be a sacrosanct and special occassion.

Well, this year I made an exception. So many people are now voting early that election day has lost much of it’s traditional meaning. Besides, taking my three year old into the polls and voting in his presence would be educational for him and instill that sense of duty in him that I learned by going with my Dad to the polls.

So…I turn in my voter registration card and sign the register, and proceed to the voting machine. As I do so, I’m still struggling with the thought of voting for John, “Global Cap & Trade, Campaign Finance Reform, drilling in ANWR would be like drilling in the Everglades and the Grand Canyon, agents of intolerance, etc.” McCain.

I know I’ll get no end of grief for writing this but I’m being honest here and there is a point to be made which will please most of you when I get to the end of this.

I’ve spoken with the Constitution Party chairman of Texas and have struggled with the idea of casting a vote for Chuck Baldwin or Bob Bar as a protest since McCain will win Texas anyway and I asked the poll worker how to cast a write in vote for Baldwin since he’s registered as an official write in candidate. At this point I’m not committed to voting for Barr or Baldwin but want to know how in case I decide to. Normally I wouldn’t consider this under any circumstances and again I put up my Republican Credentials against anyone’s so spare me the ridicule. Yet McCain still gives me fits.

Anyway…so it goes…and I’m left alone with the decision finally at hand. All the arguments made by many here and elsewhere that “A non vote or a vote for a third party is a vote for Obama have never swayed me. I’ve always seen the simple common sense of that argument yet it’s never served as enough of a reason to vote for McCain. On the contrary, it’s always enraged me to the point where I’d be tempted to vote third party just out of spite. But again, this argument rings in my head…yet it doesn’t help with my decision.

So next I think about what McCain brings to the table…much of which I agree with. This has it’s appeal…but trust is a factor here in that his proclivity to compromise with my political enemies to show how reasonable he can be…all the while attacking me and his natural allies sticks in my craw and really stands in my way of a vote for McCain. His uncanny ability of timing his betrayal to times that causes maximum damage to the Republican brand and the conservative cause makes trust a serious issue with for me…and I just can’t bring myself to trust him.

So…what to do? While I still think a vote against Obama is compelling, it’s still not reason enough for me. What I’m about to say is a direct appeal to those of you who struggle as I have with the nominee at the top of the ticket and have yet to vote. I’m begging you to do as I’ve done and vote for McCain/Palin.

I decided to vote Republican this time rather than send a message for one reason and one reason only. “SARAH PALIN”. The attacks on her from the elites in the Republican Party have served as a catharsis for me. THEY FEAR HER!

Brooks, Will, Parker, Noonan etc. see her as a threat…with good reason. I don’t have to list her conservative credentials for most of you and won’t bore you with it now…the thing that finally settled things for me as I voted last week is her genuine appeal to the grass roots of this Party. Nothing will equate to victory for this Party more than an appeal to the grass roots. It’s what was missing in 2006 and what was missing in the McCain campaign up until the convention.

I’m convinced that the elites in this party fear her because she represents the riff raff of this party that are ready to storm the ramparts with pitchforks and shovels and overthrow the elitists who have made this party a thin carbon copy of the Democrat Party. She’s a threat to the mediocrity that has infected this party at the highest level since the late 90s. She’ll shake this party to its core and shake off the bad fruit that have polluted its branches.

So…I’ve said all the above to say this to those of you like me that have struggled up till now:

Vote Republican at the top of the ticket…If you can’t in good conscience vote for McCain…Do it for Sarah! Do it for the future of this Party! Do it because she can rattle those that have betrayed us and will bring the grass roots of this party back to the table and will solidify us for the victories to come!