**UPDATE**Don't Be Fooled By The Lie That Obama Will Attack John McCain's Keating 5 Involvement!

It has pretty well been proven that the Obama Campaign is indeed taking credit for the ads attacking McCain for a 20 year old non scandal for which he was aquitted. For those of you who haven’t read the post earlier…what follows is my thinking before I had the truth pointed out to me and serves as a prime example of why one should never post diaries at 8:00am and why you should check things from every possible angle before posting it…and now…read and learn what happens when you leap before you look…it will ultimately make you a better blogger!**

The press will push this meme all day…then later this afternoon or sometime tomorrow Obama will make a formal statement to be carried on all the news networks that these stories aren’t true and he’ll call on Democrats not to engage in this because we need to rise above old style politics and embrace hope and change.

This is all about insulating himself from questions about Ayers and Rezco…He’ll get the benefit of having the issue raised without appearing to be the one who raised it…the story from the press will then become how high minded and honorable the Golden Child is all the while they’ll paint McCain as losing and desperate for discussing Ayers, Rezco and calling Obama’s character into question. The new meme will be that questions about Obama’s nefarious connections are nothing more than Republican Swift boating and old style politics.

It’s so predictable it’s sickening!

Given that there is no discernible reason for the so called objective media to attack they’re chosen messiah, the conspiracy theorist in me has me thinking the Ayers story in the NYT was a part of this script designed to draw the McCain campaign into the muck raking that should only be engaged in by lower level partisans thereby setting the trap which will be sprung later today or tomorrow as mentioned above.

As I write this it is 8:00am 10/6/2008. Let’s see just how predictable the Dems and the so called objective press has become.