It's Now 2:00PM Central and I've been trying to load my Diary since 11:30am...I'm pledging $50 to fix the Problem!

I know I’m the second person today to belly ache about this and I don’t want to ruffle feathers but what is it going to take to get an answer? I love this site and I love the people here and I wouldn’t throw this out there if I didn’t really care about the site and the people who run it! I’ve heard Red State referred to as Political Crack….well…I’m going through DDTs!

We were told this would all go away once we were through the Drudge and Troll wars…well??

Once a post is made it has become impossible to enter “My Diary” to read and reply to comments. I think most posters have stopped trying to comment on Diaries because it’s not worth the hassle. I know I’ve begun just posting to My Diary because it will still let me post Diaries and going somewhere else to interact with my Conservative/Republican brethren because I can’t enter “My Diary” to reply to commenters!

Many of the posters keep hitting reload and posting numerous times…I know…I’ve done it myself…so I’ve learned to stay away from the reload button…I’ll post something…leave the diary or thread…go all the way back to the home page…scroll down and find the Diary I posted to….cut and past my comment, (which I’ve written in word so I won’t lose it)….post it again because it looks like nothing has posted…and then 15 minutes latter…I’ve got 3 of the same comments posted in a thread.

Someone posted a Diary 7 to 9 times the other day and pushed everyone off the member’s diary board!

If it means buying new servers, or replacing the platform, or software or a law suit against the crooks that sold Red State this steaming pile of crap! whatever the [email protected]@ it is, I’ll pledge $50 right now to get this thing fixed and I urge you all to make a pledge in this thread.

My only condition for this pledge is that someone tell us what is currently being done and what it will take to fix this. How much will it cost and when can we expect the 500 errors and multiple posts to end. Will it ever be possible to interact with the site without spending hours trying to find creative ways around all the problems?

I know Neil has had to have pulled his hair out trying to work this mess out and I don’t want a soul to dump on him…Anyone who does will face my wrath. so this isn’t an attack on anyone…it is a plea….I’m begging….please let us know what is going on…because the suspense is killing me!

I know the administrators are trying but I think it’s time to face up to reality and call this a lesson learned. Red State 3.0 is a failure and it’s time to either fall back to 2.0 or move on to 4.0!

At the very least, can we please get someone to take the time to give us an update on what is being done and what the future plans are for this site…We’ve been begging for such an update since Red State 3.0 started.

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