Winning The Whitehouse And Taking Back The Congress: Is It Possible?

I’ve been chewing on this a while and it’s time we got out of our funk…

Read on:On McCain:

Republicans should be stressing the following:

  1. Experience in spades at the top of the ticket overshadowing Obama’s relative inexperience.
  2. Point out all the great things the NY times ever wrote about him and continue to beat the drums of media bias exposing the fact that the MSM is now saying the opposite of what they used to abouy McCain.
  3. Emphasize the fact that he’s not the same old Republican Candidate. “He takes on his Party regularly when he thinks they’re wrong!” Be careful here because too much of this could alienate the base

On Sarah Palin:

Recognize the Dummycrats wouldn’t be going to the depths they’re going if she wasn’t a real threat…in just 5 days we’ve had 5 different lines of attack and they keep looking for more. To defend against them:

  1. Sarah is inexperienced:
    1. Start by saying, “Thank you for finally acknowledging that experience matters!”
    2. Point out, “She’s running for VP, why are you giving more weight to her inexperience than you are to the person running at the top of the ticket on the other side…shouldn’t the person running for President be at least as experienced as Sarah?
  2. Her son is not hers it’s her daughter’s and Sarah faked her pregnancy:
    1. “Break out the tin foil hats…Are you kidding me?”
    2. “What a despicable assertion?”
    3. “Is this what the Democrats have become?”
  3. Her daughter is pregnant so what kind of mother is she:
    1. “She’s the kind of Mother/Parent that we all are. She’s done everything she can to raise her children right and to protect them from the harsh realities of this world. At the end of the day, our children make decisions that have consequences…I pray that you never face the same circumstances if and when you have a 17 year old to deal with!”
  4. She’s too busy as a mother to attend to her duties as VP:
    1. “As opposed to Obama who has two children? How can he be a good father if he becomes President?
    2. “If that’s the issue, what about the other presidents that had young children in the White House like JFK…or Lincoln?”
    3. “Does Michelle stay home and bake cookies for them? I don’t think so!”
    4. “What about all the other professional women out there with children…should they quit their careers?”
    5. “I am woman…here me whimper!”
  5. The latest is that she wasn’t properly vetted as perpetrated by the NY Slimes:
    1. “OK, so what was missed during this inadequate vetting? That her daughter was pregnant? That she faked her pregnancy to claim her daughter’s child as her own? Good luck with that argument line of attack on her.”
  6. “Are Democrats concentrating on the Republican VP because they see her as a threat…or are they concentrating on her because they’re afraid of the contrast between McCain’s experience and Obama’s inexperience? Why are Democrats attacking the number 2 on the ticket.”
  7. Republicans need to stop defending Sarah…she doesn’t need defending…but turn the Democrat’s attacks back on them…by doing so…they make her stronger and simultaneously tear down Obama with their own arguments! In addition, they expose the Dumbycrats as the hypocrites they plainly are.

And Congress

I know…I know…I’m full of crap because “this is a Democrat year, Republicans are running up hill and will be lucky to hold onto the 40 seats necessary to filibuster a bill and prevent the Dems from having a filibuster proof majority….blah blah blah…”

That’s conventional wisdom and I don’t hold with it. One thing is for sure…as long as we believe that…and act accordingly…this is a self fulfilling prophecy. It also let’s our leadership off the hook and allows them to escape responsibility for the state of the Republican Party…BUT THINGS HAVE CHANGED….

  1. McCain has changed the dynamic of this race. His choice of Palin has fired up the base and will ensure heavy turnout from them in November
  2. Approval ratings are overwhelmingly against the party in control of the Congress. History has shown the Party in control of Congress loses seats when Congressional approval ratings are approaching 30% and below. This Congress is at or near single digit approval ratings, (the lowest in the history of polling)! There are several polls which show for the first time in history that voters are not only dissatisfied with Congress…but they are dissatisfied with their own member of Congress. From this point forward, Republicans should stop referring to the Congress in generic terms. It should become verboten to mention Congress without saying “the Democrat Congress”. Every reference to the “Democrat Congress” should point out the lack of accomplishments and refer to how little was done to deal with gas prices and to get us off of our dependence on foreign oil.
  3. The base is newly energized and excited. Every thing should be done to keep them energized and excited and to get them doing what they do best…man the phones, block walk, knock on doors etc.

Would all this guarantee a sweep back to power in the Executive as well as the legislative branch? Maybe not…but one thing is for sure the Republican Party will fare much better than we will if we continue listening to John Ensign, (Chairman of the NRSC) who thinks Senators should run for the hills if they have an R by their name…or Tom Cole, (Chairman of the NRCC) who recently said ““These [congressional approval] ratings are worse than we had on the eve of losing the majority,”…“Don’t be afraid to say you are disappointed in fellow Republicans.”

It’s time to stop sitting around licking our own backsides and FIGHT! And if Tom Cole and John Ensign can’t find it within themselves to join us…they need to be shown the door!

I for one am making the commitment…How about you?