AceinTXWife Hammers Dems for Recent Attacks On Sarah Palin

Today my wife emailed me her response to a friend who had filled her inbox with questions about Sarah Palin and the smears coming from the so called agents of tolerance on the left. I’m posting her reply as a perfect reply to the questions surrounding her daughter’s pregnancy and as an example of the response the Dems are getting from those who might not be as politically active as some of us…but who are squarely in the Conservative camp and sick of the double standards applied to Conservatives by the Democrats and the so called objective press.

I would like to reverse the ticket and make Gov. Sarah Palin the candidate and John Mc the VP.Contrary to the liberal intent of the barrage of negative headlines this morning, the “non-news” story about her daughter’s pregnancy makes her very real. The more I learn, the more I like her (despite John McCain, whom I respect for his military service, yet I still find him to be a very lack-luster and disappointing choice for Republican nominee). She is an incredible conservative choice of running mate for McCain. I jump into this conversation because I’m tired of the inconsistent double standard that the liberals and liberal media hold when it suits them, but since the introduction of Sarah Palin have not held valid because as a conservative, she doesn’t fit the “feminist” mold. My objection & argument to all the criticism of Sarah Palin is Feminists can’t have it both ways….c17b4a32919dd4653c3fcec1d97d409cWhere her daughter is concerned, she made her own choices and as a result, is pregnant… I heard a caller on one of the news programs today say “there is something wrong at home.” Well, the Pro-Abortionists (most DemocRATS) need to be reminded that there is something very wrong in a home where women (I won’t call them moms) decide to abort pregnancies of special needs children and pregnancies deemed as inconvenient.All things considered, I applaud Sarah Palin for having her baby as an older mom despite the knowledge of his problems. I’ve also heard her criticized for having a Downs baby (like she had any choice in his design). Obviously, God didn’t think she was too old to have a baby even though people are going to say she should have known better because there are risks for getting pregnant later in life. Regardless, that’s their business. Not any one else’s. I for one am sick of people saying things like this is why older women shouldn’t be having kids. Tell that to God! I dare them. This to the extreme exemplifies that Sarah Palin is pro-life. The critics can just deal with it.I also applaud Sarah Palin, mother of an unwed teen daughter, for having the grace and dignity to live one day at a time and for trying to help her daughter do the same no matter how difficult this may be. She is not the first politician to have a pregnant teenage daughter. Once upon a time, politicians would have shipped their daughter off to some unknown aunt in some remote unknown place to have the baby and then put the baby up for adoption. The Palin Family has chosen to make the best of life. Obviously, long before Sarah Palin, conservative, was selected as the VP, the Palin family was doing the right thing and walking the conservative walk they are now politically advocating. Imagine that, a politician that actually practices what they preach!? I find no fault with the human failings of this family. It makes them VERY real. May God prosper them in spite of the critics that want to publicly critique every past personal decision they have ever made with the intent of political slander!You would think the Democrats would be the first in line to praise the accomplishments, determination, and roll-up-her sleeves attitude of this mom, politician, business woman, athlete, etc. She personifies all the feminist ideals with a most conservative fleece around it all. Need I say, this has left many liberals totally unable to grasp or have a clue about who this woman really is. Her opponents made no hesitation to attack her resume and credentials. This was all to no avail as her record speaks volumes about her beliefs and successes and 13± years experience of elected office and has nothing to do with her qualifications to be Vice President of the United States. Now sadly, rather than go to school on what is right about Sarah Palin, they are going to get petty and try to tear her down by belittling her family and her personal choices and decisions. My opinion is this: I’m willing (perhaps foolishly) to give this woman the benefit of the doubt, and also believe (though I’m not sure why) we have yet to see the best of Sarah Palin. The critics can just deal with it. Obviously, based on this morning’s headlines her critics can’t deal with it.