This Will Have To Do For My McCain Mae Culpa, I'm Tapped Out Over The Whole Lieberman VP Thing!

Recently I’ve had a person I consider a friend point out that I am wound kinda tight on the issue about McCain possibly nominating a Democrat, or a Pro-Choice candidate for VP…Well…I am pretty wound up on the subject because I’ve been slapped around for three days on three different blogs. I’ve been called childish, stupid, an extreme right winger…and GOD knows how many other foul names favored by the Nutroots and the KOSacks by people who should be my allies and are from my own Party.What makes this so infuriating is that McCain turned me around Saturday. For the very first time, not only could I see myself voting for McCain without soiling my pants and puking on my shoes simultaneously…but I could actually see myself voting for him with a certain level of comfort…and even a little enthusiasm…He won me over with his conviction and ready answers that were clearly not rehearsed and obviously came from principled positions that he holds for real and not because some handler made him say them. I’ve got a blog floating around in my head that I should have written Monday about how McCain had so mopped the floor with the Golden Child that he deserved a second look.

My idea was to point out how the policies I disagreed with McCain on were held by W and I’d still vote for W over his Eminence Lord Obama, Wouldn’t I?…I mean…My biggest problem with McCain is his championing McCain Fiengold…but W signed it didn’t he?…Despite that, I voted for W in 2004 after he’d signed it didn’t I?…His maniacal support for Amnesty ran a close second to that in the opposition sweepstakes…But W had tried to foist that on us, and I’d still vote for him over Obama…wouldn’t I? I disagreed with his Gang of 14 betrayal…but he couldn’t pull that on us again as President could he?…In fact, It would be fun to have that little trick pulled on him by Little Lord Fauntleroy while he tried to work something through the Senate…It would certainly be entertaining to see him get a taste of his own medicine. Finally, I can’t stand his AGW positions and his Cap & Trade Tax…but we could work to stop that….couldn’t we?

In short, I had a cathartic moment of realization that my main objection to McCain had been his arrogance and condescension in the way he’d poked me in the eyes all those years…Saturday broke through all that…I saw the man behind the arrogance and know it all attitude…I know those traits are still there…but I could see past it all. In short…I could see myself actually working to see him elected.

But a funny thing happened on the way to my blog post! Someone decided it would be a good idea to float the idea that McCain is about to appoint a Pro-Choice VP…and might even appoint a Democrat. I blew it off when I first heard it as a crackpot idea that’s been thrown out there every time a Republican is running the first time as the party’s nominee, i.e. that he should appoint a Liberal to attract independents. I don’t know if it was a trial balloon floated by the McCain Campaign to see if they could get away with it? If it was…We’re in real trouble because if they’re really so incompetent over there to think it a good idea to throw this out there a few short days after he’d scored such a slam dunk, (such a slam dunk that he was able to swing even me, (of all people) solidly into his camp; someone needs their head examined.

Was it the Nutroots and the MSM trying to tamp down the momentum McCain gained after Saddleback? I mean…He not only lead in the polls after Saddleback…he lead by 5 points…maybe that was it…the Nutroots and the MSM…it’s certainly diabolical enough to have been from them…and it certainly played to their schemes!

Then came the blog posts, some from people I consider friends with the theme that McCain should nominate Lieberman, or Ridge, or whoever he damn well pleases because those pro lifers on the “Far Right” will vote for McCain anyway because they don’t want to see Obama elected. (Wanna Bet?)

Of course when someone steps out with the simple warning that nominating someone of the Pro-Choice crowd, much less a friggin Democrat, (no matter how pro war he might be) would lose the election for McCain, the old Shut up and get in line crowd steps out and starts name calling and telling us all how stupid we are for “threatening” to not vote if McCain makes such a foolish move!

So, instead of being allowed to bask in my catharsis and whistle along happily with the thoughts of President McCain bouncing around in my head…I’m right back to all the conflict and turmoil that’s nagged at me about McCain since he clinched the nomination.

I’ve said all that to say this…Thanks to Rick Warren who I’d trashed pretty thoroughly prior to the Saddleback debate, I’m solidly in the vote McCain camp and I’m ready to not only vote for him…but give money and proactively work to see him elected. The only thing now that would change that is probably a Pro Choice VP and Definitely a Democrat as VP.

And for those of you accusing me and others of tantrums and threats…let me make this clear…I’m not throwing a tantrum…I have my reasons for drawing the line here….one being that Ford’s loss in 76 gave us Reagan, and GHW Bush’s loss in 1992 got us the first Republican congress in 40 years…the second is that if the RMSP types are able to push us past having a pro-choice VP nominee…they’ll be back in 2012 or 2016 demanding that we elect that Pro-Choice VP as the nominee…finally…If such a nominee is put in place and McCain dies in office…we’d at least end up with a Pro Choicer as President…or a Democrat Administration if Lieberman is the VP. I have my reasons and rationales for my decisions. You might not like them…but they’re mine so you can take your name calling and accusations of whining and tantrums and stick it where it belongs!

I’m not making threats…This as a warning and a statement of fact….I’m stating categorically and without equivocation that I and millions of pro life voters will stay home or will leave the top of the ticket blank if McCain nominates Lieberman as VP…I’ve come a long way to get where I am in my support for McCain at this point but this is as far as I go…If I leave my ballot blank, it won’t be because I picked this fight…and no amount of accusations and recrimination that I’m responsible for electing Obama will sway me because I’m not the one that crossed the line and dared me to honor my word. I don’t think it will come to that because I think this is a tempest in a tea pot…and I don’t think McCain is THAT arrogant.

Now…the only question to be answered is who instigated this kerfuffle? The McCain Camp…or was it the Nutroots and the MSM?