Conservatives Will Support McCain No Matter Who He Chooses So He Should Nominate Mike Huckabee as VP

With every passing hour comes word through the political grapevine that John McCain has settled on Romney, or considering Mike Huckabee, or picked Ron Paul. Even Hillary Clinton’s name has been thrown around this afternoon.Probably the biggest issue surrounding McCain’s VP pick is whether he’ll dare pick a populist candidate as his running mate. A small vocal base of the richest 1% of Americans is up in arms at the thought of a populist candidate on the ticket. Dire predictions that McCain’s Robber Baron base will turn on him if he picks a populist candidate are all over the rich white guy blogosphere. There is however, a growing chorus of folks on the right who think a bold out-of-the-box pick is exactly what McCain needs to win.

I happen to think all the threats coming from the richest 1% of Americans are overblown. If McCain were to choose Mike Huckabee, there would be a few supporters who may be outraged, but for the most part I think he could weather the storm just fine. Threats from the rich white guys ring hollow because you know they’re gonna vote, and they damn sure aren’t voting for Obama.

John McCain should follow his heart when he picks a running mate. He should block out any threats or ominous predictions and pick the guy he thinks is right. John McCain is as fiscally conservative as you can get. Whether or not his running mate is a Populist is irrelevant.

It’s just plain stupid to cross an otherwise excellent candidate off the list simply because he holds one view you happen to disagree with. The Fiscons will yell, complain, and maybe even throw stuff, but when election day rolls around they’ll vote for McCain.

The real important thing to the richest 1% of Americans is to keep Barack Obama from being elected. John McCain with or without a populist running mate is a godsend compared to Barack Obama and whoever the hell he picks. Barack Obama is the antithesis of everything these robber barons hold dear. He’s not populist, he’s a Marxist. He made it clear at the Saddleback forum exactly what kind of fiscal policies he would champion.

Barack Obama’s values are San Francisco values and any of the richest 1% of Americans who would vote against McCain or not vote at all is an idiot. However, I don’t believe that’s going to happen. Anyone that McCain chooses will be better than the far left dynamic duo of Barack Obama and (fill in the name).

I think Mike Huckabee would be a fantastic pick for John McCain. All the moderate Democrats who feel uneasy about turning the keys to the country over to a freshman Senator would give McCain a second look. All the Democrats who love America and want a warrior in the White House instead of a faux Messiah wuss will give McCain a second look.

Mike Huckabee is a good man. He stood literally completely alone against his own party to support populism in Arkansas. He was willing to give up his entire career to support a cause that was worthy and just. Like McCain, Mike Huckabee has character and character is a pretty rare commodity these days. Men like McCain and Mike Huckabee will do what’s right even when it’s unpopular to do so.

We have a war going on and an economy that needs fixing, so what John McCain’s running mate thinks about fiscal issues is totally inconsequential. We don’t live in a one issue world, and you’re not always going to agree with a candidate on 100% of the issues. You have to look at the sum total of John McCain and the sum total of Barack Obama and then decide which candidate’s ideals most closely resemble yours.

Surprise! Had you going didn’t I?

This post is a near word for word parody of Conservatives Will Support McCain No Matter Who He Chooses I’ve been accused of whining and acting like a spoiled child for daring to object to a Pro Choice VP…or even a Democrat turned independent…This is just a test balloon to see if I can generate the same childish reaction I’ve been accused of exhibiting.