AceTradamus....Hey...If GameCock Can Do It Why Can't I?

I’m seeing polls today that show public support for domestic energy production approaching 75%. Given these glaring poll numbers, It’s time for me to make a prediction concerning this issue and the handwriting on the wall.

Read On:Democrats are going to be forced to change their minds on ANWR and the OCS given that 75% of the country is against their current policy of obstruction. They have to make an about face in order to do this…the only question is, how will they do it Despite the fact that the Democrats have been the chief obstructionists of drilling in these areas for the last 10 to 12 years?

I would expect a Democrat Bill to come out within the next 30 days opening up dilling in ANWR and the OCS that includes pretty much everything the Republicans and President Bush have pushed for during that time. In order to provide themselves cover and avoid admitting the Republicans have been right all these many years Look for them/it to include:

  1. Restrictions to provide cover with their kook base. They’ll make a show of fighting for them to placate Eco-nuts but will drop them in the end to make something happen by early to mid October at the latest.
  2. They will lump in new money for clean technologies and to subsidize renewable energy sources and trumpet them from the roof tops. It won’t matter that Republicans have included these policies in all their energy bills to date, the Democrats will swear that this is the only thing that has prevented them from passing previous energy bills and it’s been the Republicans who have prevented their passage all along.
  3. They will shamelessly use McCain’s statements comparing drilling in ANWR and the OCS with drilling in the Everglades and the Grand Canyon to support their false contention that is has been the Republican Party that has stood in the way of energy independence and the MSM will support them in this damnable lie leaving the Republican Party and her spokesmen speechless in the face of such audacious and despicable fabrications!

They’ve followed the same script for 50+ years to cover their behinds when the Republicans and events have backed them into a corner and it looks like they’re finally going to be forced to admit they were wrong about something. The only question left to be answered is, “Will the Republican Party be ready when they try this tactic and prevent them from getting away with it…or will they be caught flat footed as usual and be left sputtering like a babbling idiot like they always are?

I know where my money is!