Accuracy in Media’s Daily Links for March 26, 2012

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The Strange Case of Sergeant Bales: Enemy Agent in the Ranks? – What we know, at this point, is that Iranian Press TV and Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) are blaming the killings not on one man but a high-level U.S. conspiracy. They insist that Bales did not act alone but was assisted by other U.S. military personnel in what was a planned and systematic massacre of civilians.

Bias Clips

MSNBC: ‘Mad Men’ Will Cause Conservatives to Ban Birth Control

AIM Blogs

Wisconsin Journalists Chastised for Signing Gov. Walker Recall Petition – Late last week, Kevin Corrado, publisher of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, told readers that 25 Gannett Wisconsin Media journalists, including seven at his own paper, had signed the petition calling for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

MSNBC Separates the News from the Views? – Politico’s Dylan Byers reports that MSNBC does in fact have news shows as opposed to “point of view shows.”

CNN Lays Off Dozens as It Moves to Outsource Documentaries – The network said in a statement that it will continue to produce in-house documentaries, but that outside production companies will handle much of its long-form journalism.

AIM Newswire

Supreme Court health care arguments under way [Video] – With demonstrators chanting outside, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments Monday on the fate of President Barack Obama’s historic health care overhaul, no less controversial two years after Democrats pushed it to passage in Congress.

Blogger: UAE holds activist for criticizing rulers – The arrest was the latest move by the UAE to crack down on political dissent in the oil-rich union of seven city-states. Each emirate is ruled by a hereditary sheik.

Guest Post

Hizballah, Iran Have Hundreds in the U.S. – Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hizballah have seeded the United States with hundreds of operatives, some of whom are capable “of flipping a U.S.-based fundraising cell into a lethal terror force, should Iran decide that is in its interests,” a preliminary report from the House Homeland Security Committee finds.