Accuracy in Media’s Daily Links for March 15, 2012

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Media Threatens Christian Minister – The New York Times, a paper supposedly devoted to freedom of speech, is giving sympathetic coverage to a frivolous lawsuit designed to silence an American Christian minister.

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Matthews: Romney Sounds Like African Colonialist [Video] – Chris Matthews used Mitt Romney’s third-place finishes in Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday night to ramp up his attacks on the GOP hopeful, by comparing him to African colonialists.

AIM Newswire

Bishops, White House talks snarl on treatment of faith-based groups – One of the biggest stumbling blocks is a terse definition – over what constitutes a religious institution – far removed from the emotional flash points of contraception and abortion that have dominated the often-fiery public debate. Yet the bishops see it as a crucial issue.

Obama, Cartoon Network target bullying in documentary – President Barack Obama appears in an upcoming Cartoon Network documentary aimed at encouraging bullied children to speak up, and says that as the father of two young girls he is deeply concerned about the issue.

Intern sues TV host Charlie Rose for unpaid wages – Lucy Bickerton, was an editorial intern at nightly talk show, “Charlie Rose,” between June and August in 2007 and regularly worked 25 hours per week but not was paid any wages, according to the lawsuit filed in state court in New York.

Ariz. officials revisit Obama’s birth certificate – A legislative committee on Wednesday endorsed a proposal that requires presidential candidates to swear that they meet the qualifications to be the nation’s chief executive.

Guest Post

The War on Civilian Casualties – If Afghans were with us, if they were actually against the true butchers, the Taliban, if they were concerned about which side had innocent blood on its hands, and which side did everything humanly possible to prevent such violence even at the expense of its own people, Afghan hearts and minds would have been “won” long ago.