AIM Video: Union PAYS Occupy Protesters

From Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson:

Since people started camping out in the name of socialism or something, there have only been half measures by the media to determine whether union organizers were using dues to provide transportation, food and lodging for the Occupiers.  Accuracy in Media infiltrated the National Nurses United for the duration of their Occupy DC protest tour. As the footage reveals, NNU in association with the AFL-CIO sent over 1,000 nurses from across the country, public and private sector, all expenses paid. It’s pretty sad to think that American veterans are sitting in a hospital room wondering where their nurse went.


Accuracy in Media has recently received inquiries as to why we release video projects like this one. The answer is simple: we’re performing a new type of media criticism. Rather than simply screaming bias or demanding corrections, AIM has taken a proactive stance to challenge media narratives by mixing elements of citizen journalism with reality television production tactics. We’ve found that the combination reveals a new level of truth with the Occupy movement, not found in the conventional media.