James O'Keefe quietly destroys mainstream media

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From Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson:

Question: What do leprechauns, hookers, anti-Semite Muslims, Russian coke heads, drunken New Jersey teachers and pregnant 14 year olds have in common?

Answer: James O’Keefe

More specifically, these absurd caricatures have been used by James to incinerate the paper thin façade of tolerance and morality projected by the liberal establishment.  The mainstream media has had a particularly difficult time swallowing the phenomenon of O’keefian investigative tactics.  Perhaps this is due to journalistic envy.  After the ACORN scandal, John Stewart memorably lamented “I’m a FAKE journalist and I’m embarrassed this guy scooped me!”  “I agree there is a degree of contempt from the media. ‘How can these young people do something that we can’t do or we haven’t done?” James states regarding his relationship with the Media’s “Ivy Leauge.”

James’s recent write up in the NYT sheds some light on why he is particularly singled out for establishment vilification.  “Muckrakers are hated or loved depending on the targets they choose” he states.  Since James chooses targets like government squalor and advertent racism in the Liberal élite, he is enemy #1.

“(James O’Keefe has) a history of releasing deceptively edited videos that ultimately failed.”

“(James O’Keefe’s) record is defined by falsehoods, distortions, and discrediting stunts.”


These are only some of the things the reliable and George Soros avatars at Media Matters have to say about AIM’s most recent interview subject.

To see if Eric Boehlert and his fellow “Senior Fellows” were right, AIM’s Benjamin Johnson sat down with O’Keefe to discuss the efforts of his Project Veritas and why the mainstream media leaves a vacuum that young conservatives like James have to fill.

James skewers the traditional media for not taking on the entrenched left-wing organizations that Project Veritas has, stating that the “media is currently in a state of disgrace.” “He talks about his investigative efforts against ACORN and most recently into the Medicaid bureaucracy that has led government agencies in South Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio to conduct investigations of Medicaid fraud.  Just as importantly as James’s slaying of the bureaucratic behemoths like ACORN, NPR and Medicaid is his in depth confessions about his dance moves.  Andrew Breitbart himself had to chime in on the issue that remains contentions.

Scandal, vitriol and federal probation aside, results matter and James has got ‘em. “We’ve got a number of teams around the country working hard” James crows.  Be afraid, be very afraid.