AIM: Talking the Issues with Rep. Allen West (R-FL)

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As we inch closer to the 2012 General Election, it’s extremely important to take note of the issues that conservatives must effectively communicate about. The Movement has been blessed with leaders that can simplify complex issues without ‘looking stupid’ to the Washington media elites. Representative Allen West of Florida serves as a perfect example. Accuracy in Media had the pleasure of discussing issues both domestic and foreign last week.

On the heels of yet another Obama foot-in-mouth moment, West defended America’s innovative spirit and creative economy.

The conversation then segued into a discussion of President Obama’s job approval in the eyes of American voters. West was particularly troubled with Obama’s need to draw his since of self-identification from every nation visited.

Finally, we arrive at foreign policy. Congressman West has exhibited pure talent in teaching world history with contemporary applications. Sure, conservatives are happy to show support for Israel, but West’s message could not be clearer.