AIM; Weiner: I Did Not Have Sext With That Woman!

We seem to have come full circle in this surreal saga of junk shots and [alleged] hack jobs. It all started as a hack – and then a prank – and then a right-wing conspiracy concocted in the evil mind of Andrew Breitbart. All seemed well in Weiner World until Luke Russert applied a little heat to the situation. As we saw this week, it fell to pieces from there.  We have now entered into a new generation of political sex scandal: yFrogssexy SMSdirty DMsporn starletsMaddow softballs, screen grabs, political jabs, hashtags, LOLcats, phallic double-entendres, and a pending House Ethics patdown – this story has it all.

America, welcome to the New Media Generation. #WeinerFAIL