AIM: Orbitz Refuses to Participate in Media Matters' 'Smear Campaign' Against Fox

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From Accuracy in Media‘s Don Irvine:

Left wing Media Matters campaign to pressure advertisers to pull the ads from Fox News got off to a rocky start when their first target not only refused to comply but attacked the organization for its efforts.

The DropFox website has the following statement on its website as to why advertisers need to stop supporting Fox News:

By sponsoring Fox News, advertisers are financially supporting a political operation that masquerades as a news network. Advertisers are also associating their brands with Fox News’ reckless vitriol, race-baiting, anti-LGBT bigotry and deliberate spread of misinformation.

The site also accuses Fox of providing a megaphone for anti-LGBT extremists and has” proven to be an unseemly associate for organizations committed to decency, inclusiveness and equality for all.”

Media Matters carefully selected seven key advertisers on Fox that they figured would roll over and play dead when confronted with their “evidence” of how out of the mainstream that Fox really is .

The first advertiser the campaign chose t target the online travel giant.  Others include Netflix, Best Western, Priceline, Delta Airlines, Ocean Spray and Southwest Airlines.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the advertising boycott.  Orbitz grew a spine.

The company not only refused to buckle to Media Matters’ request to pull their advertising on Fox, they shot back at the Soros funded group calling it a smear campaign according to the Hollywood Reporter:

“This is a political organization that has been funded pretty extensively to go after one network, and we aren’t going to engage in that fight,” Orbitz spokesman Brian Hoyt said.

“We have a strict policy of tolerance and non-discrimination, and that means we don’t favor one political side over another. Tolerance is a two-way street,” he said. “We’re going to advertise on conservative TV stations, liberal TV stations and — if there are any out there — unbiased news broadcasts.”

Orbitz recognizes that this has nothing to do about fairness and balance on the issues but is simply a well funded attack on the number one cable network because it gives voice to conservatives and their issues.

The DropFox effort is also misguided in the fact that they are trying to convince these companies to drop the ads based on politics even though that isn’t why they advertise on Fox.  Ad dollars flow to where the audience is pure and simple.

Even though according to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is a big supporter of Democrats that doesn’t mean that he would limit his advertising to only liberal networks.  That would be economic suicide.

The other companies targeted by Media Matters and their DropFox campaign should follow the lead of Orbitz and let the market decide where they should place their ad dollars and not cave in to this Soros funded anti-Fox smear campaign.

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