The Palin Firestorm

by Patrick J. BuchananTuesday, September 9, 2008

One wonders: What did Sarah Palin ever do to inspire the rage andbile that exploded on her selection by John McCain? What is thereeither in this woman’s record or resume to elicit such felineferocity?

What did we know of her when she was introduced?

That she was a mother of five who had brought into this world ababy boy with Down syndrome, thus living her Christian beliefs.That she was a small-town conservative who had risen from mayor ofWasilla (Pop. 9,700) to be governor of a state twice the size ofTexas.

That she was a reformer who had dethroned an Old Boys’ Network bydumping a sitting Republican governor. That she had taken on BigOil, taxed the companies and returned the money in $1,200 checks toevery citizen of Alaska. And that she had cut a deal with Canada tobuild a pipeline to bring natural gas to her fellow Americans.

And, oh, yes. She was “Sarah Barracuda” — a fierce high schoolathlete, a runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant, a Feminist forLife and lifetime member of the NRA. Introduced by McCain, shepraised Hillary Clinton and pledged to finish her work by smashingthrough the glass ceiling in which Hillary had made 18 millioncracks.

What, in any or all of this, is there to justify the feral attackswithin minutes of her introduction? What had she done to cause thisoutburst? Answer: absolutely nothing.

No. Sarah Palin is not resented for what she has done, but for whoshe is: a Christian conservative who believes unborn children aregifts of God, even those with birth defects, and have a God-givenright to life.

Normally, the press is reluctant to rummage into the private livesof public servants, unless their conduct affects their duties orthey preach virtues they hypocritically do not practice.

Yet, no sooner was Palin introduced, than the media went berserkover the news that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. As one inthree births in America is out-of-wedlock and Hollywood celebratesthis lifestyle, why did The New York Times and The Washington Postsplash this “news” on page one above the fold?

How does Bristol Palin’s pregnancy disqualify Sarah Palin to bevice president? Why is it even relevant?

They did it because they thought it would damage Sarah Palin in theeyes of a Christian community they do not comprehend.

So out of bounds was the media that Obama, in an act of decency,declared Palin’s family off limits and reminded the media that hewas himself born to a teenage single mom.

If one would wish to see the famous liberal double standard onnaked display, consider.

Palin’s daughter was fair game for a media that refused to lookinto reports that John Edwards, a Democratic candidate forpresident, was conducting an illicit affair with a woman said to becarrying his child and cheating on his faithful wife Elizabeth, whohas incurable cancer. That was not a legitimate story, but BristolPalin’s pregnancy is?

Why did the selection of Sarah Palin cause a suspension of allstandards and a near riot among a media that has been so in thetank for Barack even “Saturday Night Live” has satirized theinfatuation?

Because she is one of us — and he is one of them.

Barack and Michelle are affirmative action, Princeton, Columbia,Harvard Law. She is public schools and Idaho State. Barack was aSaul Alinsky social worker who rustled up food stamps. Sarah Palinkills her own food.

Michelle has a $300,000-a-year sinecure doing PR for a Chicagohospital. Todd Palin is a union steelworker who augments his incomeworking vacations on the North Slope. Sarah has always been proudto be an American. Michelle was never proud of America — untilBarack started winning.

Barack has zero experience as an executive. Sarah ran her ownfishing fleet, was mayor for six years and runs the largest statein the union. She belongs to a mainstream Christian church. Barackwas, for 15 years, a parishioner at Trinity United and had hisdaughters baptized by Pastor Jeremiah Wright, whose sermons aresaturated in black-power, anti-white racism and anti-Americanism.

Sarah is a rebel. Obama has been a go-along, get-along cog in theDaley Machine. She is Middle America. Barack, behind closed doorsin San Francisco, mocked Middle Americans as folks left behind bythe global economy who cling bitterly to their Bibles, bigotriesand guns.

Barack has zero foreign policy experience. Palin runs a state thatis home to anti-missile, missile and air defense bases facing theFar East, commands the Alaska National Guard and has a soldier-sonheading for Iraq.

Barack, says the National Journal, has the most left-wing votingrecord in the Senate, besting Socialist Bernie Sanders. Palin’sstances read as though they were lifted from Reagan’s 1980 “no palepastels” platform. And this is what this media firestorm is allabout.

SOURCE: http://www.buchanan.org