A Little Prediction For You

When I read about the airstrike in Pakistan that killed 18 (including “five foreign militants,” AKA “terrorists”, and I suppose 13 “others”), I thought oh no, something is wrong.  With Obama as our President no “others” are supposed to be killed in these episodes.  How could this happen?

Then I had another thought, which is that with the successful airstrikes over the past few months, we must be getting much better target-identifying intelligence in the region.  And how many of these targets can there be?  After yesterday’s successful mission, can the eliminaiton of Usama bin Laden be far behind?

Now I would be delighted to see Usama captured and another blow struck to al Qaida.  But wouldn’t that be a stick in the eye of Mr. Bush, and a huge coup for President Obama?  Wouldn’t it vindicate the softer, gentler action against terrorism that he has proposed?

Based on this line of reasoning, I will venture a prediction:  UBL will be eliminated or captured within six weeks.

Come up with your own predictions and consider this an open thread.