The Boy in the Bubble

No, not David Vetter–Barack Obama. 

Apparently the President Elect is chafing at the bonds of his new position that brings with it, among other things like the awesome responsibility of leading the free world, 24/7 security and press coverage.  The press, in particular, rankles as they note down mundane details like what he eats for lunch and snap innumerable pictures of him at work and play.  Now Mr. Obama knows that these idiots have their uses–after all, they do tend to push the most flattering pictures of him to the fore, and even his mundane details have a certain glamour (he orders his sandwiches on 12-grain bread!).  But can’t they understand that while tracking his every move may be their bread and butter, they shouldn’t be so, well, so very eager?  Can’t they operate with the same insucient, effortless cool that Mr. Obama effects and observe the delicate rules of just-so-far-and-no-farther?

It seems they cannot.  I fear that when Mr. Obama discovers that, even for him, the real news is made when he stumbles rather than glides, it may be something of a shock to his system.


Bizarro Update (with thanks to Adamsweb): So Mr. Obama understands that pictures of him golfing in paradise might be a little grating to many Americans these days, but his solution is not to, you know, not play golfHis solution is to try to get the press corps drunk so they’ll stop taking the pictures.  Charming.