Gary Sinise, American Hero

Actor Gary Sinise received the Presidential Citizens Medal last week.  It was a well-deserved honor as Mr. Sinise has done more than any other celebrity in recent memory to support our men and women in uniform.   In a quiet, persistent campaign that could do him significant professional harm, he doesn’t just pay lip service to “supporting the troops” (while denigrating their missions)–he does what he can to help them win.  To this end, he has founded “Operation Iraqi Children,” a non-profit organization that distributes school supplies to Iraqi children.  The theory is that this work is good for the Iraqis as it improves education and so quality of life, and that it is good for the Americans as it helps them win those crucial but elusive “hearts and minds” we hear so much about.

I know charitable donation dollars are in short supply this season, but if you have $5 or more to share this is a great cause to support–and if you’re so inclined, you can put together school-supply packages with your children.  I can’t think of anything activity more truly in the spirit of Christmas.  If you can make a donation, I suggest you make it in honor of Mr. Sinise’s Medal.  Thank goodness America still has her heroes.