State Department Rumor: Hillary to get the Kennedy Treatment?

There is an unsubstantiated rumor floating around Washington today that last night, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) called President-Elect Barack Obama and asked that Obama appoint Senator John Kerry (D-EU) Secretary of State so that Governor Deval Patrick could appoint former Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-Venezuela) to Kerry’s seat. The assumption is that then Senator Kennedy’s wife, Victoria Reggie, would be appointed to his seat should he be forced to step down due to ill health.

It is in a way refreshing to see the Kennedys dispense with that boring and pointless exercise called “elections” in their fiefdom of Massachusetts. But if this is true, it would be too bad that Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has to follow in the footsteps of the many women shoved to the side in the name of the Kennedy family’s entitlement to do whatever they want.