I Don't See It From My House

From today’s White House press briefing….

Q    Given that Secretary Chu described the situation in Japan as a partial meltdown today and that there are conflicting reports, says Secretary Chu, that several reactors are now at risk, and given the updated advisories about the evacuations that you’ve outlined here, is there thought being given here to postponing the Latin America trip?

     [INNER PARTY MEMBER JAY] CARNEY [Press Secretary]: We still very much plan to take the trip. I just want to emphasize with all —

      Q    When?

      MR. CARNEY:  We are leaving on schedule on Friday.  It bears repeating that this is a crisis — there is no question about it. And it is a crisis in Japan.  It is not a crisis in the United States.  We are very concerned about our allies and friends, the Japanese.  We are doing everything we can to help and assist them.  We are very concerned about the safety and security of American citizens in Japan, and we are doing everything we can to ensure their safety.  But it is — we have no plans to change the trip.
And we thought we would miss Robert Fibbs. Shame on us.
Whether or not everyone’s least favorite Kenyan Socialist likes it or not, the disaster in Japan IS America’s problem. The tragedy in Japan is not just a Japanese problem or an American problem, it’s a world wide problem that can cause chaos throughout the world’s economies. In fact, the National Inflation Association released the following warning:

The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that hit Japan this past week and the destruction that it caused is nothing compared to the tsunami of inflation that will soon hit the U.S. as a result of this crisis. A tsunami of inflation in the U.S. will mean a complete collapse of our monetary system, which could lead to millions of deaths due to a lack of food and heat. 44 million Americans are now dependent on food stamps, but when the U.S. dollar becomes worthless as a result of hyperinflation, the government will no longer have the power to support these Americans and many of them will simply starve to death.

Japan‘s citizens were smart enough to save up $885.9 billion in U.S. treasuries to spend in a situation like it finds itself in today. The U.S. has no such savings and is the world’s largest debtor nation. Our ability to survive depends on our ability to print money that has purchasing power. The only reason the U.S. dollar still has purchasing power is the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.”

In other words, this could be make 2008-10 look like an economic boom period. And yet, according to the White House, this is just Japan’s problem ? What drugs does this White House do ?
Japan, by all accounts, has the third largest economy in the world. If it were to crash, what kind of shockwaves would it create in an already shaky world economy that is also dealing with a Middle East that has gone from crazy to bat-poop crazy ? What kind of shockwave would it create in a world that’s keeping tired, socialist Europe alive on lifesupport ? If this situation gets any worse….well, you should seriously consider hoarding food, gold, and ammo. No, I’m not kidding.
The world is in Book of Revelation like chaos. Now is not the time to shrug your shoulders and say “I don’t see it from my house”. Now is not the time to go on ESPN to give Final Four picks. Now is not the time to go golfing. Now is not the time for a weekend in Rio. Yes, Chairman Obama, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some work. I know that bums you out, but thems the breaks.
God help us all.