Yenta Obama

My favorite word in Yiddish is yenta. A yenta is a busybody who complains about every little ache and pain and in general, spreads his or her misery to others. They often moan about how others cause their troubles but are unable to see how their actions cause their own headaches.

There have been many yentas in history, but none as powerful as our Yenta-In-Chief, Big Mommy himself, Chairman Obama.

Recently, our Dear Leader had an interview with Harry Smith, whoever the hell he is, in which he sobbed how the economy was the chief cause of the “vitriol” against him and between sniffles, Chairman Obama called the criticisms of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh “troubling”. Yes, the most powerful man on God’s green and not to mention scientfically proven cooling earth took time out of his schedule as leader of the free world to say how a radio host and a guy who looks like a cartoon character hurt his feelings. Yes, the man whose unpopular decisions helped prolong this recession until God knows when thinks it’s just mindless vitriol when criticism rears its head, since according to Oprah, he’s the “One”.

Oy Vey.

My first reaction to Chairman Obama’s comments was extreme annoyance. Would it have killed him to mention me, too ? I’ve slaved away on this keyboard for almost two years and even used his name as the title of my column. I wanted a piece of the pie too, dammit! Besides, wasn’t it our First Lady who said that some people would have to get a smaller slice of the pie so everyone could get a piece of that pie ? Or did she say “from each according to their abilities to each according to their needs” ? I don’t know. All that crap is starting to sound the same, kind of like a broken communist record.

After the rage of my snub subsided, I pondered the the meaning of Yenta Obama’s words and I came to a disturbing conclusion. He doesn’t get it, He’ll never get it, and damn, this will look cool in italics. Chairman Obama is even more oblivious than advertised. The man honestly thinks he’s doing the right thing and recycled Marxist thought is what America really wanted when they chose him over Ol’ Sour Puss in the ’08 Popularity Contest. See, it didn’t matter back then what he said. Our Dear Leader could have promised to liberate ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland for all anyone cared. All that mattered to anyone was the simple fact Obama was not Bush. The leftist media had succeeded in making Bush look like incompetent imperialist who couldn’t lead ants to a picnic, so the crowd flocked to the opposite of him. Stories and rumblings about Obama’s shady past were swept under the rug. since making history was far more important than doing the right thing. Now, the proles are having buyer’s remorse. All those little socialist clues Obama dropped on the campaign trail were just examples of how how much he “cares”. Now, almost a year and a half in, those socialist clues he dropped during the campaign are starting to freak people out. It’s like the old saying goes: “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hit in the wallet.”

Is it vitriol to complain on the eve of the biggest tax hike in human history ? Is it vitriol when one complains that the Constitution is being ignored by the leadership of our country ? Is it vitriol to complain that government is creeping further and further into our lives without our consent ? Is it vitriol to question the government’s motives when they take over the health care system, student loans, banks, and car manufacturers ? That isn’t vitriol at all, your Yenta-ship. That’s called patriotic duty. It is the duty of every American citizen to keep an eye on the government, because once freedom is gone, it’s gone for good. Don’t believe me ? See Cuba and Venezuela for further details.

Now, on to Yenta Obama’s girlie-manish crying about Rush Limabugh and Glenn Beck Goldstein, Enemy of The State. I hate to break it to you, bubbie, but your lackeys and minions have said and done things that are far more “troubling” than anything two radio talk show hosts have said. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, Presidente.

–Ron Bloom, your UNELECTED manufacturing czar, said all political power comes from the barrel of a gun and capitalism was nonsense.

–Kevin Jennings, your UNELECTED school safety czar, spoke lovingly about Harry Hay, a communist pedophile and poster-thing for NAMBLA.

–Anita Dunn, your former White House Communications director said Chairman Mao was one of her favorite political philosophers, right along with Mother Teresa.

–John Holdren, your UNELECTED science czar, wrote that dumping sterilants into drinking water was a swell idea along with forced abortions.

–Nancy Pelosi, your boss and plastic surgery disaster, called Americans who dared to voice their opposition to your schemes and scams were “astroturf”

–Harry “I Surrender” Reid,  the soon to be unperson Imperial Senate Majority leader, said Americans visiting THEIR Capitol on vacation smelled.

–Phil Hare, a Congressman from YOUR party and YOUR home state said he doesn’t care what the Constitution says and doesn’t know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration.

–John Dingellberry, the oldest Progressivevik in captivity, said YOUR health care plot was useful in “controlling the people”.

–Jeremiah Wright, your old religious mentor, said in a sermon “God Damn America.” (And, let’s not forget, “The white man’s greed creates a world in need”. I guess we shouldn’t forget how “them Jews” won’t let you see him anymore, either.)

–I could go on and on with the dearly departed Van Jones, but it’s too easy, sort of like shooting fish in a barrel, isn’t it ?

Oy Vey, indeed.