Events at the Gathering

I wanted to let you all know about some events we’re having in conjunction with the Gathering next week in Jacksonville Florida. In addition to our excellent line-up of speakers, there will be a BlogBash on Thursday night after the opening reception. On Friday evening there will be a reception and river cruise courtesy of Gov. Rick Scott, who will be mixing and mingling with all attendees. On Saturday evening we’re having an open bar happy hour, a lavish dinner, and a kicking after-party. Of course as you know, you have free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, free internet, and free parking.

I have been working hard to set up a Red Cross blood drive during Friday’s program. However, in order to finalize plans we need to provide at least 35 people’s names in advance so they know for sure they’ll have at least that many donations. To date, because we can’t announce it until we finalize it, and can’t finalize it until we get volunteers, and can’t get volunteers if we don’t announce it, we only have 11 people. So I’m posting this in the diaries in the hopes of drumming up some volunteers from among our site members who are planning to attend. You can read all about the Gathering here, and if you wish to donate blood, please email your full name to [email protected]

It’s going to be a great event. I hope to see you all there!