Daily Links - January 17

It’s January 17th. On this date in 1985, Leonard Nimoy got his star on the Walk of Fame. I think I speak for all fans of Star Trek when I say, I speak for all fans of Star Trek. Plus, nobody before or after Spock has been a better wookie.

Today is also National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day, in honor of which I am giving up my vow to pay greater attention to deta

Live updates: Occupy Congress at Capitol for daylong protest | Washington Examiner

Why are Barack Obama’s critics so smart? | Telegraph
Also self-explanatory. BOOM!

Reporter Covers Fitzgerald Recall, Supports Recall Effort | Media Trackers
“Fascinatingly, the first comment left on the post was from a man named Ryan Whisner who said, ‘You can do it Lori!’ Whisner is a reporter for the Jefferson County Daily Union, a newspaper based in Ft. Atkinson, squarely inside of Sen. Fitzgerald’s district.”

Todays Wordsmith.org word of the day is below.
stochastic (stuh-KAS-tik) adjective: Involving chance; random; probabilistic.