Daily Links - January 16, 2012

Today is a Monday, so it’s fitting that on this date in 1547, Ivan the Terrible was crowned the first czar of Russia. In fact, that’s why Mondays are traditionally crappy. In honor of Ivan. Even though the day of his coronation was actually a Sunday. Evolution at work folks.

Today is also Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. See link below for an excerpt from his famous “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” As always, consider this an Open Thread.

Why Martin Luther King couldn’t wait | New York Daily News
“Here, from the letter, is a single, pain-filled, 300-plus word sentence, explaining why waiting was ‘unwise and untimely’”

Obsessive Koch Disorder: Art Brisbane Responds | Powerline
“This brings forward another ingredient in this situation: The Times’s audience. That audience consists of New Yorkers, by and large a liberal population, and national readers, many of whom select The Times because it mirrors their views.” Art Brisbane, New York Times public editor

Obama thumbs nose at Founders with one-man rule | Michael Barone
“More important, what gives the head of the executive branch the authority to decide whether one house of the legislative branch is conducting serious business?”

Private-sector experience? Oh, no! | Frank J. Fleming, New York Post
“Isn’t there something just so reassuring about a career politician? He has never worried about ‘profit’ or ‘efficiency’ or ‘success’; his every job has involved only helping people.”

Todays word of the day comes from Luciferous Logolepsy, and is appropriate in many ways to this past weekend of football.
epicaricacy n. – taking pleasure in others’ misfortune