Daily Links - January 10, 2012

On this day in 1946, the first general assembly of the United Nations was convened. Please join me in a moment of silent regret. Today also marks the 236th anniversary of the publishing of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense“. If he were alive today, he’d have posted it here. Or I’d be linking to where he posted it. Instead, here are these links:

Ron Paul Vs. CNN | Human Events
“‘You, the media, did this to her,’ Paul sternly informed the CNN correspondent. ‘She should have been furious with you.’ He then marched off to talk with Fox News, thereby increasing his audience by a factor of five.”

Two out of Three Broadcast Nets Ignore Soft Recall of Chevy Volts | Newsbusters
“GM certainly isn’t getting much scrutiny from the mainstream news media over the recall of the heavily subsidized autos. Two of the three broadcast networks have so far avoided sharing this story about the Volt, a gas-electric plug-in hybrid vehicle that they have hyped since January 2007.”

Oops (video): McCain calls Romney “President Obama” | Michelle Malkin
Now that is funny. It’s a few days old, but I didn’t catch it at the time. Reminds me of this, which happened last night.

High court weighs policy against curse words on TV | Washington Examiner
“The Supreme Court is considering whether government regulators may still police the airwaves for curse words and other coarse content at a time when so many Americans have unregulated cable television, and the Internet is awash in easily accessible adult material.”

Rick Santorum’s Backup Plan: Retail Fashion Marketing! | Jim Geraghty