Daily Links, December 16th

Senator Coburn Lists Every Bit of Pork In New Omnibus Spending Bill – Ace of Spades HQ

It’s a pet theory of mine that if a culture supports a particular kind of corruption, wars on corruption are the wrong way to go, because the culture doesn’t support it, and will undermine it at every turn.

Sue Your Way to Responsible Parenting! – Slublog, Hot Air

Are you tired of being the killjoy parent who won’t buy your kids a Happy Meal when they ask for one? Good news! The Center for the Science in the Public Interest is here to help you. No more guilt, no more unhappy glares…my fellow parents, nirvana awaits.

The Needle 23: It’s ok to expose your assets. – Caleb and Lori, PunditLeague.us (podcast)

Boston Tea Party: 237th anniversary – Michelle Malkin

On the cold evening of December 16, 1773, a large band of patriots, disguised as Mohawk Indians, burst from the South Meeting House with the spirit of freedom burning in their eyes. The patriots headed towards Griffin’s Wharf and the three ships. Quickly, quietly, and in an orderly manner, the Sons of Liberty boarded each of the tea ships. Once on board, the patriots went to work striking the chests with axes and hatchets. Thousands of spectators watched in silence. Only the sounds of ax blades splitting wood rang out from Boston Harbor. Once the crates were open, the patriots dumped the tea into the sea.