The GOP 'Pledge'

This has already been covered extensively, and obviously there is some disagreement among conservative and republican bloggers, but I just had to add my two cents here in the diaries. I’m not impressed with the so-called “pledge.” And I’ll tell you why …

Republicans got together and produced approximately 7790 words – the most frequently used of which was “government” – to accomplish what could have been said in only seven: That government is best which governs least. At no point in this rambling essay of pseudo-promises and commitments to “plans” of action would your average tea party member or independent voter say AHA! and know that things were about to get better for the nation. What a terrible, perfect metaphor for our bloated, wasteful federal government is this over-sized collection of puffery and braggadocio. “We’re from the Republican party,” it proclaims, “and we’re here to help.” Would that they had created a single page with simple bullet points outlining what needs to happen to reverse the ballooning of bureaucracy and the decline of individual freedom Americans face daily. What a perfect example of how to govern least that would have been.

But no. Instead, we get a pledge by committee, the very existence of which evokes the specter of governmental overreach and political flim-flam. Just words? Indeed. Nearly 8,000 of them.

This stunt is the perfect example of tone-deaf beltway politics at its “finest.” How embarrassing. How disappointing. How … typical.

Let us just hope this exhaustive exercise in pander politics represents a misstep by the old guard, rather than a harbinger of verbosity to come. And let us further hope that the few real policy prescriptions buried in this mountain of lame worth fighting for are, indeed, fought for, rather than simply being printed up at Kinkos on glossy stock to grab a few moments of the news cycle by politicians feeling left out of the tea party spotlight this year.