MSNBC's David Shuster on Presumption of Innocence

David Shuster on Nidal Hasan and the Fort Hood shootings:

David Shuster on James O’Keefe and Mary Landrieu’s office:

Now you may be thinking to yourself, well, I’m sure he had more to say about Hasan than that. Well that’s true. He did have one more thing to add …

He took the opportunity to take a partisan shot:

And then you may be thinking, well one shot as a reply to someone really isn’t that bad. Two tweets about Hasan, one about O’Keefe .. no big. Right?


Oh and if you’re curious, on the air today, he referred to O’Keefe as having attempted to wiretap. Not “allegedly”. And I do so wonder if he can show us where in the affidavit they refer to attempted wiretapping? Probably not.

Does David Shuster care more about James O’Keefe filming ACORN than Nidal Hasan murdering Americans? Well … let’s just say the word allegedly and leave it at that.

Stay classy, Davey.

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