Col. Allen West answers Helen Thomas

“You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why he was fighting a Muslim army at the battle of Tours in 732?” – Lt. Col. Allen West on Helen Thomas’ comments.

This week, I had the opportunity to attend he Reclaim American Liberty conference in New York. I’ll be writing about the conference as the video becomes available.

Recently, Helen Thomas had an exchange with counterterror czar John Brennan that produced some buzz, as well as criticism, in which she pressed him to explain what motivates Islamic terrorism.


In a subsequent interview (posted below the fold), she elaborates on her position, making it clear just who she considers to be the most guilty party in this war. At the Reclaim American Liberty conference, I asked the national security panel participants how they would respond to Thomas’ question of “why.” Lt. Col. Allen West’s answer was explosive and without fear.

Here is the audio of his response:
Click to open in your media player.Read on for more examples of exactly what Helen Thomas thinks is the problem.

Here is the follow-up interview of Helen Thomas from Mediaite:


“So-called terrorism.”

“You don’t read about us bombing everybody and never really explaining why.”

Boy that takes me back.

Helen Thomas analyzes terrorism as being the result of American foreign policy, a view shared by the likes of Michael Moore and other far-left radicals. But she fails answer her own question with the fullness she is asking of others. Simply saying “foreign policy” or “us being in places where we don’t belong” is at least as vague as the politically correct answer Brennan gave her.

So I’m asking you, Helen Thomas: spell it out. Have our chickens come home to roost? Are the terrorists freedom fighters? Was 9-11 a counter-attack? Come out and say it, if you have the guts. Are American troops the real terrorists? Do you dare put your full analysis on the table?

But if you can’t be bothered to answer any of that, how about this:
What do you say to Lt. Col. Allen West?

Below, please find the audio of the question and full panel response. The first answer is from Gen. Richard Myers, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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