Violent Protests are Neat-o!! ... now.

I love these little now and then moments, don’t you?

HuffPo Now:

Protesters have taken to the streets of Pittsburgh in opposition to the Group of 20 summit taking place Thursday and Friday. The protests have turned violent, the AP reports, with demonstrators rolling trash bins towards police, and officers firing tear gas back. Read more here.

Check out this slideshow of protesters and vote on your favorite protest tactic. Any creative ones that stand out to you, or have you seen these all before?

And are you going to any G-20 protests? Send us your photos! We will publish the best ones of the HuffPost.

Dude, the anti-capitalism party is turning violent. Teh awesome. Vote your fav!

I guess it’s like Spring Break, but with more marijuana and less coherence. Also they replaced the wet t-shirt contest with a waterboarding demonstration. Plus, I hear for a few beads the gals will show their … ignorance of global markets. Man, I can’t wait for the “Greenpeace Gone Wild” videos. Wait. On second thought … yes I can.

Anyway, that’s the now. Let’s look at the then, eh?

So whereas fire-setting cop-bashers are cause for a contest touting the “creativity” of one’s “favorite” protest tactics, carrying signs at a tea party gets … well this.

Oh, and this (angry mob!!1!1!1!!) … and this (RRRAAACCIIISSSTSSSS!!!!!!) … and this little gem (you really have to read that one to believe it) …

And that’s just HuffPo.

These G20 protests happen every time the group meets, and have for years. They are routinely violent, and they are comprised of mainstream left-wing groups. Can I therefore assume a DHS report in the offing? Hmm? Hand-wringing worry from evening talking heads about how dangerous these voices are? Can we expect Bill Maher to suggest these protests are basically inciting assassination?

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath. There may be some mild criticism of the very worst violence, couched, you can bet, in apologetic rhetoric about “the people” and their “voice.” But I expect most blog coverage will be like HuffPo’s: celebratory.

And in a way, they’ve got a point. The G20 protests do, in fact, remind me of Spring Break or Mardi Gras. After all, there are so many exposed boobs.