Where will you be next week?

This year has seen a surge in conservative activism like I’ve never seen in my adult life. Many of you here at Redstate have been a part of that. We’ve been to tea parties. We’ve donated money to candidates and to causes. We’ve spoken up at the town hall meetings. We gathered in Atlanta. We emailed and called capitol hill. We acted.

Next week, for many people, the activity, the protests, and the activism will reach a peak. The President is speaking to schools, and the people are speaking back. We’ll be keeping our children home. We’ll be marching on Washington. And we’ll be rallying around the country throughout the week.

I plan to be a part of the activism next week. I’ll be at one of the biggest planned rallies outside DC, in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ll follow the march, meeting fellow activist conservatives and, most importantly, participate in training and discussion about what’s next for conservatives who want to be active in our movement. Please read on …


During and after the Redstate Gathering, many of you wanted to know what to do next. We had a lot of great answers for you. And I kept thinking about all of that as the days passed by. Then I found out about the Liberty Tour and I realized what an opportunity this is.

The winds of change are stirring, you see. When I heard that refrain a hundred times a day last year it made me want to kick puppies. I got SO sick of it. But little did I know how true it would prove, in both good ways and bad. That the change Obama hopes to bring is of the most radical sort is clear. And in response conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, independents, and sane Democrats are pushing back. That’s a change, too. The monstrous growth of government and the subsequent intrusion upon the liberty of individual Americans has provoked a radical change in us, too. We don’t sit home and wait. We are a silent majority no more.

And now we have our moment, and now our voices are loud, and people have no option but to pay attention. The left is marshaling against us, calling us a mob or worse and literally gnashing their teeth at us. And now we must marshal back, we must join together in common cause. So I’ll be there with you. In Sacramento. In Salt Lake City. In Charlotte. In Atlanta. From coast to coast, I’ll be with you as we come and reason together, as we stand up together. We’ll create a spectacle of liberty and we’ll inform an army of activists. And when we’re through, when the tour has ended and the buses are gone and the last echoes of our cries for freedom have faded, we’ll be a movement. We’ll be in that moment. And we will be heard.

If you can sit by no longer while the whole of conservative thought is driven from the public square, as our leaders and our base are ridiculed by the press, as our very liberty faces existential threat, then join me. Join us. Join the movement.

I truly hope to see you there.