Climate Bill Out Of Control

“The Republicans are right — it’s a Cap-and-Tax bill.”

Erick and Dan both pointed out last week that Cap and Trade legislation was meeting resistance from Democrats. This week, we have some revealing commentary from former Democratic Senator from Colorado, Timothy Worth. Worth was a “climate-change negotiator” during President Bill Clinton’s administration and currently runs the UN Foundation. Worth is a supporter of cap and trade. Let’s let him tell us about it in his own words. From Bloomberg:

“The Republicans are right — it’s a cap-and-tax bill.”

“That’s what it is because they are raising revenue to do all sorts of things, especially to take care of the coal industry, and it makes no sense.”

“What has happened is it’s gotten out of control.”

What? Democrats are using a climate scare as an excuse for government intrusion well beyond the scope of the issue at hand, broadening their power and diminishing that of the private sector and the individual? Come on.

What Wirth is suggesting is that the bill is too all-encompassing, touching on too many aspects of the economy. Should I repeat that for you? Democratic Climate Change Negotiator Timothy Wirth is suggesting that the climate change bill is too all-encompassing, touching on too many aspects of the economy. Make no mistake, Wirth supports the idea of cap and trade, just not THIS bill. Telling, no?

Wirth was one of the architects of the cap and trade program that was part of the Clean Air Act of 1990, so he has some experience with such things. His claim is that the current climate bill is out of control in contrast with his own plan from the 90s. Republican Candidate for Congress and Redstate Gathering star Michael Williams agrees:

Proponents of Waxman-Markey argue that the CO2 cap and trade bill is similar to the cap and trade program enacted by the Clean Air Act of 1990 (CAA), which reduced the sulfur emissions that cause acid rain.

Not quite.

The sulfur dioxide program initially targeted only 110 coal-fired power plants. It was eventually expanded to 445 power plants. CO2 and GHG are emitted from power plants. They are also released from refineries, industrial plants, planes, trains, automobiles, ships, home furnaces, fertilizer production, farm animals, and millions of other sources, including humans. Most mosquito and insect traps emit CO2.

What all this goes to show is that even the true believers recognize the cynical maneuvering behind the legislation, which has made it past the House but faces problems ahead in the Senate. As I pointed out last week, it’s not really about emissions, or employees, or health care. The three-pronged attack of cap and trade, card check, and Obamacare is part of a massive progressive takeover; a breathtaking power grab by a movement that just “knows” it’s better than you, it’s smarter than you, and gosh darnit, people like it. Fighting the tide isn’t going to be easy, but at least with this one bill, we’re finding strange new allies on the left.

Harry Reid has set a deadline for cap and trade legislation of September 28th. As with every other massive program under Obama, they are trying to cram this one down our throats as quickly as possible before there can be real debate. Don’t let them slip this one by us. Cap and Tax is an economic disaster waiting to happen.

Timothy Wirth says the climate bill is “out of control.” A fitting description for the entire Obama agenda, I think.

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