BREAKING: The Mob Attacks A News Crew!

Sometimes rhetoric gets out of hand. We all know this. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and villainizing them as Hitler 2.0. So when you paint the President as a monster causing the death of innocents, and the media as his Goebbels, are you inciting violent reaction? Sometimes, apparently so.

I shot the shocking video below myself. I have not editing the foul language so please be warned: not safe for young ears.

Like me, you’ve been hearing about an angry mob. Well it exists. Watch this, then read on for important eyewitness details.

That violent mob was, as you no doubt guessed during my transparent buildup, from the left. I filmed this attack on Griff Jenkins and Fox News at the Recreate 68/World Can’t Wait riots protests in Denver during the Democrats’ coronation convention last fall. If you want to hear something even more vile, which I filmed at a protest outside the RNC, click here. Please understand, though, I did not edit the profanity or vulgarity, which are shocking and abundant.

Also in that Denver protest, and in those at the RNC, were ample depictions of Bush as Hitler. For those of you with short memory (media), back then the comparison was so commonplace it became abbreviated: Bushitler. Don’t remember any of that? Allow me to assist you.

But that’s cool. Because remember, in 2006, shouting and interrupting town halls was teh hip. It really didn’t drop out of fashion until … well, you know, he won.

Anyway, for all you KosKids (I’m looking at you Boxer) and mainstream media talking heads out there who so recently grew a sense of propriety … we’ll just call this a reminder. You have my permission to think about that Fox crew the next time you’re calling old people given microphones at events designed to solicit their feedback an “angry mob”. K? You’re welcome.

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