Let us, for the moment, leave aside the question of why the media suddenly doesn’t like comparing the President to Hitler. Instead, let us today address the more pressing question of why the media doesn’t like facts.

If you believe Nancy Pelosi, Rep. John Dingell, little girls totally not planted at Obama town halls, and “reporters” asking Gibbs “questions” at today’s White House “briefing,” then you are probably certain that there are scores of hood-clad Klansmen with guns storming the town halls on health care waving swastikas and, incongruously, accusing Obama of being Hitler. Yep, the mob is apparently experiencing a little hate-confusion.

Also, they are actually paid to be there, they are wearing Brooks Brothers suits, and they are elite rich poor white racist trash who’ve never heard of Hawaii, trade stocks by day, clean stocks by night, belong in stocks by right, and above all else, are un-American. Got that?

Yes we are a sordid, motley mob of natty dressers. But most of all, above everything else, we are mean. Mean mean mean. We’re shouting, you see. And putting Hitler mustaches on Obama. Right?



Well … not as such, no. As George Claghorn noted yesterday, Steve Gutowski uncovered the origin of that now ubiquitous Obama-Hitler sign from the Dingell town hall, and it isn’t quite what the media reported:


So the media is spectacularly wrong already. The criticism was from the left, not the right. (The left does have some practice with such signs you know.) But guess what? That’s not all.

You see, not only is the sign from the left, the guy carrying the sign is moonlighting. Listen to eyewitness accounts at theblogprof:

Note the black man holding up the poster. This screenshot was used in reports by the MSM who painted the protesters as Nazis. Here’s the thing, though – that black man is a Dingell supporter!

The Hitler sign at the Dingell town hall was carried by a Dingell supporter.

The Hitler sign at the Dingell town hall was carried by an OBAMACARE supporter.

Eyewitnesses caught this genius outside after the meeting HANDING OUT OBAMACARE MATERIALS.

Ti Plant. Also known as the Hawaiian good-luck-plant

You’re hearing this right? Good. I just want to make sure. You should go to theblogprof and read the whole thing, it’s worth it; and make sure you watch the Cavuto video.

Folks, this is where we are. Obama is organizing for America alright. The unions are organizing thugs to assault you. The astroturfers are organizing a mercenary force to shout you down. The Democrats are organizing a smear campaign to shame and marginalize you. And the White House is organizing a compliant press to docilely repeat these talking points to try to trick you. To trick all of us. What do you call an organized group who commit crimes and lie? Can’t remember.

Talk about community organizing eh? Yeesh.

– Caleb Howe

What, the plant pic? Why, it’s the Ti Plant.

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