Support Independent Conservative Journalism

Guys, this is going to be short and sweet. As a lot of you have come to understand, Redstate is not in a position to pay contributors. But I believe, and I expect most of you agree, that what we do here is important.

Online activism and investigative blogging are well-paid, slick operations on the left. They have mega funding. On the right, this is frustratingly not so. But such things are essential to the cause, now more than ever.

The big money doesn’t want to fund all of us. They don’t want to fund investigative blogging. They aren’t, in short, going to pony up the dough. That’s where we all come in.

If you will, PLEASE READ this detailed post about what independent conservative journalism and activism bring to the table. Please then also visit MoeLane.com and JeffEmanuel.net to “spread the wealth.” Please also think of Neil Stevens, who can accept donations here, or is available for hire here.

Our movement needs independent bloggers, activists, and investigative journalists to counter the army mobilized by the left. We need it now, and we need it bad. No one is going to fund us but us.