What's Faker Than Astroturf?

Stop right there with the Pelosi-parts jokes. I have to see my children with these eyes. I’m only asking because A) I’m getting word overload on “astroturf” and B) astroturf isn’t part of a nefarious plot to drive grass out of existence, so I’m not sure it really fits here.

Yesterday, I posted a story here at RedState featuring screenshots of advertisements from around the country offering to pay people to become Obamacare advocates. I encouraged people to visit craigslist and see what they could find. Judging by the volume of responses at Twitter there are hundreds and hundreds more such ads in major cities from coast to coast.

Many of the ads are from the same handful of organizations, which may lead you to wonder two things. First, where is all this money coming from? Second, how much of this money is coming from Big Labor and Democrats Owner and General Manager, George Soros? Well you wouldn’t be the only person wondering.

Take, for example, John at Verum Serum. John got on the trail of one the most prevalent ads to find out who was behind it. You will NEVER be able to guess where the money trail leads.

Ok. Maybe you can.

All the listings lead to this site, the Fund for the Public Interest. According to this page, they mostly work on environmental issues, partnering with groups like the Sierra Club. So what are they doing working on health reform?

That same page mentions that one of their “current partners” is a group called Progressive Future. Progressive Future is part of HCAN and so not surprisingly, if you jump over to their site, you find that one of their headline items is pushing Obama’s health reform agenda.

HCAN again. You might rememberHCAN. Read that whole article at Verum Serum, including the attempted walkback emails. Well worth the read.

Also curious about astroturf funding today is Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. Again, prepare for the shock of your life.

George Soros, who once pledged his entire fortune in an unsuccessful effort to unseat George Bush, has pledged another $5 million to overcome popular opposition to the government takeover of the health-care industry.

Yep. Soros. And, as Ed notes, Big Pharma is throwing money around as well.

I also found that another of the ads, posted on a number of job search sites, is being run by Working America. Which is, of course, the AFL-CIO.

Michelle Malkin has been all over the incest at 1825 K Street. The same names are behind most of the ads offering to pay people to support Obamacare. Or just to make you shut up.

Not to belabor the point, but exactly where do the Democrats get off accusing anyone of astroturf when their operation makes astroturf look like a patch of virgin grass, a verdant meadow untouched by man or beast? Or as Ed Morrissey put it:

Remind me again which side is Astroturfing and getting big, powerful firms funding their operation, and which one represents the actual sense of Americans on government-controlled health care.

And as John at Verum Serum says:

This is what the left considers “grassroots.” Meanwhile, a memo written by a guy in Connecticut which was sent out to 10 people is proof that reform opponents of Obama Care are part of a deceptive astroturf campaign. Hopefully that’s all making perfect sense now.

So just remember the next time you get assaulted by an Obamacare supporter, they’re probably getting “$10-$15/hr!!!” to be there. What’s that word for someone that’s paid to go around attacking people? I can’t remember.

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