Why So Spurious?

Thank you Jim Treacher for the title.

So I’m just getting back into the news after taking a day off after the Redstate Gathering, and I see that there was a good bit of buzz today about a poster in L.A. depicting Barack Obama as Heath Ledger’s Joker. To summarize the reactions:

Conservatives: Ha ha ha. Socialism.
Conservatives: Wait .. what?
This twerp: Where’s the noose? (this should be read aloud in your best Jan Brady voice)
Leon Wolf: What does socialism have to do with lipstick?
Me: Ha ha ha. SocialIsm. Also, bleh.
Jim Treacher: Genius.

So, you know. The usual.

But then Ben Domenech pointed something out to me:

Thank you Vanity Fair.

I was thinking I might explain in detail all of the various points to be made by this little incident. But you know, I think you get the picture.

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