#FollowFriday Open Thread

Teh Twitter.

Once felt dumb to email about phone calls. Then came blogging email. Then tweeting blogs. And now, I’ve CALLED about tweets. Circle of dumb.
9:59 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck

… and now I’m blogging about calling about tweeting about blogging about emailing about calling … sigh.

Twitter had a lot to do with the successful pushback on the Playboy article and the Letterman “jokes”. It has helped drive a number of big stories the last two weeks. Like it or not folks, it’s here to stay. Well, for a while at least. It’s also a great way to keep up with what Redstate is doing and to annoy the snot out of @markosm. If you’re in the Redstate Army, it’s also a great way to track alerts. Resistance, in other words, is futile. You will be assimilated.

This is an OPEN THREAD. Feel free to use it to pimp your Twitter feed. See below the fold for my own recommendations.

Redstate Front Pagers on Twitter: @Redstate(obviously), @EWErickson, @jeffemanuel, @BrianFaughnan, @CAYankee, @SorenDayton, @MoeLane, @BaseballCrank, @Josh_Painter, @BillSTL, @Cianfrocca, @LeonWolf, @Kevinholtsberry, @MarkImpomeni, @RobertBluey, @JamesRichardson, and have I mentioned @CalebHowe?

Redhot Contributors: @simpson316, @aaron_gardner, @VladimirRS, @JadedByPolitics, @mbecker908, @RSBooBooKitty

Redstate Alums: @Yousefzadeh, @BDomenech, @SteveDillard,@HunterBaker, @JSTrevino

And some personal recommendations. Take my advice that you should take my advice: @JakeTapper (possibly my number one recommendation), @AndyLevy, @EdMorrissey, @AllahPundit, @MichelleMalkin, @MKHammer, @HeyTammyBruce, @LizMair, @AmSpec, @KarlRove, @streetwise_IT, @tommyxtopher, @SteveFoley, @MediaLizzy, @right_examiner, @FredThompson, @BOTeleprompter, @blueshelled, @snarkandboobs, @Lileks, @dahlhalla@JTLol, @speciallist, @vermontaigne, @collegepolitico, @MelissaTweets, @Duchess_Rebecca, @JPFreire, @JimmyTheNotable, @AKGovSarahPalin, @scrowder, @johnnydollar01, @IMAO_, @gclaghorn @Skye820, @TheAnchoress, @EdDriscoll, @Ozark_sky, @Amy_M_Miller, @TomCrowe, @RandyStreu, @TheRightScoop … ok, seriously getting too long.

Here you go, these are who I recommend: FOLLOW US.

So now you know. And don’t forget, in addition to #tcot, mark your posts with #rs to identify yourself as a proud RedStater and to have your tweets sorted into the #rs searches.

Now let’s hear your #followfriday recommends, eh?

UPDATE: @MelissaTweets shares some very useful insights regarding Twitter success.

UPDATE 2: Don’t forget @BEAGLESCOUT!!!!