"Caption This" Contest: Letterman

From now until Father’s Day, Redstate will be running a series of contests on the front page. We’re giving away a copy a day of the book The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide by Frank Miniter.

The Upper East Side metrosexual may be good at cocktail chat, but a real man knows how to fight off alligators, create a tourniquet out of a t-shirt, and rescue a drowning person. Frank Miniter’s The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide shows men how to do all of these and more, including:

  • how to fight off a bear
  • how to set a dislocated joint
  • how to pick the perfect cigar and bottle of wine

The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide teaches men that any guy can be the ultimate man whether he is rescuing a lost hiker, plucking a child from a swift stream, or standing up against injustice.

In honor of those metrosexuals, I present today’s caption contest photo:

Dave’s “jokes” and pathetic non-apology prove he can’t act like a man. Maybe he could use this book! And besides, what better way to honor Fathers’ Day, and dad Todd Palin, than a little front page Letterman bashing, hmm?

So have at it!
(winners to be decided by a panel of RS judges. All decisions are final.)

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