A Climate of Hate

From the time the Warren Commission report cited it for fostering the assassination of JFK up through the recent murder of an abortionist in Kansas, the left loves to writes about and decry what they refer to as a “climate of hate.”

Lately little more than code for “conservatives are talking,” the phrase “climate of hate” is ubiquitous, both in traditional media and on the left side of the internet. Each and every time a figure on the left is murdered, threatened, jostled on the subway, slips in the shower and gets a boo boo, or is just feeling a little blue, there is a blog and media blitz blaming Rush, Hannity, Coulter, and company for creating a “climate” of hate. Democrat blogging mothership DailyKos warns stridently and often of the murder and mayhem daily unleashed by the festering madness of conservative talk radio. Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and Janeane Garofalo never miss the chance to sell the notion that rhetoric begets violence. The criticism of Obama paints a target on his back just as surely as Bill O’Reilly’s prolife position was directly responsible for the Kansas murder.

One can only conclude, therefore, that the left is trying to kill you.

Yesterday, a gunman murdered one soldier and wounded another outside a recruiting station in Kansas. There’s little surprise that the left, like their President, haven’t much to say about the murdered soldier. The anti-war left has been creating a climate of hate with regard to our troops individually and our military at large for years, with an increasingly brazen message the last few years. Blogs which continue to wring hands over fears of right-wing “hate” in the form of prime time cable news pundits can’t spare a pixel or two to reflect on the environment they’ve helped create spending 5 years calling our men and women in uniform murderers, rapists, and baby-killers. I’d normally advise against, but today I suggest you take a few minutes and peruse that liberal flagship to see the mixture of “hate” and “fear of hate” blogs. Enlightening.

When Sarah Palin was on the campaign trail the mainstream press were deeply concerned (one could tell by empathetic brow-furrows and “this is my serious voice” tonality) that her campaigning against Barack Obama was fostering a climate of hate; that she was stirring up rabid righty anger and an urge to kill in her audience. They were certain of it, you see, because some dude in one of her audiences may have yelled something unintelligible about Obama that one time.

What does it take to create a climate of hate? If you are talking about Obama, you need only Palin stating actual facts about his life and career, or radio DJs using his actual middle name. That’s enough to be thought architects of assassination. If you are talking about Palin, however, there doesn’t seem to be a line the left considers too far. Time magazine can go as far as explaining “Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin”, with a bit of a light-hearted twist, and yet no accusations fly. Search for “hate Sarah Palin” at Google for a few more eye-openers. There is a “Hate Palin” cottage industry of t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and more, not to mention the articles and blog posts which indulge. When hate directed at a person is so common as to be a marketing tool, is that not a climate of hate?

Sarah’s problem, of course, is being a smart, successful, conservative woman. On the left this is just about the worst thing a person can be, running just slightly behind black Republican. Yesterday, Playboy posted, and then removed, an “article” titled “So Right It’s Wrong – Ten Conservative Women We Hate To Love” by Guy Cimbalo. The premise was explicit. The author took ten conservative women and grotesquely elaborated on why he wanted to “hate f***” them. Yes. Hate. The screenshots are here and decidedly NOT safe for work. Although Politico would have you think otherwise, the posting was a virtual rape fantasy. Even celebrity gossip blog Jezebel could identify the misogynist tone which somehow escaped the notice of pretty much the whole left side of the blogosphere, other than Tommy Christopher. When a writer at Playboy feels comfortable writing something this vile, something the left was happy to let stand, Politico pointed to as a lightly humorous romp, and AOL deemed so uncontroversial they yanked Tommy Christopher’s story, is that not a climate of hate?

Conservative women aren’t the only group for which the left routinely expresses hate. Christians are roundly derided. Christians are mocked in movies, TV shows, and online routinely. Backward. Racist. Homophobes. They are called co-conspirators to murder. Is this not a climate of hate? How do you not hate someone who is murdering your ideological allies? If Maher is right that Glenn Beck’s show paints a target on Obama, then why is it not the case that Maher paints a target on Beck? Or on Christians with his never-ending crusade against them?

The viciousness with which conservative women are discussed on the left borders on horrific. The blatant calls for violence against our military are pervasive. The mockery and derision directed at Christians and conservatives is habitual. And all this from the same left who have spent decades decrying climates of hate as breeding grounds for violence. This is their calculus. They are clear about it. They believe it.

So if they are so sure that creating a climate of hate results in bloodshed, then what, I wonder, is their objective when they routinely create climates of hate?

– Caleb Howe

Update: Don’t miss Michelle Malkin’s outstanding column today on the topic of climates of hate, as well as Mark Tapscott on politics as hate sport.