New Silicon Graffiti Video: "21st Century Schizoid Mad Men"


Ed Driscoll highlights an important theme here. (No, not just because he features ME!! in the video.) The increasing comfort that the unfailingly anti-American left feels in spreading political messages through any and all available media is disturbing.

Remember Pennsylvania State portraying vets as unstable idiots? And who can forget CNN’s Susan Roesgen trashing tea partiers? (Or all the other reporters trashing tea party protesters as “tea-baggers” and excusing themselves by absurdly claiming that THEY chose the derogatory term for themselves?) Let’s not even begin to discuss movies and television.

One can hardly avoid the conclusion that being on the left is becoming synonymous with being always on about the left – everything is politics, and politics is everything. The church of the left is vicious with those who lack devotion, and those who are devoted are nothing if not vigorous and unrelenting in their faith. A troubling cycle.