Dance of the Sugarplum Failure

(Thanks to @vermontaigne for the title)


I keep seeing people like Markos asking why Republicans are suddenly interested in who is responsible for “torture”. That the Speaker of the House just accused the CIA of lying to Congress goes right past them. No surprise. That the Speaker just can’t get her story straight, or even spit it out in complete sentences, doesn’t move them. Again, no surprise. That the enhanced interrogation techniques aren’t actually torture is a fact they’ll simply never consider, so deeply mired in Bush-hate partisanship are they. Do I need to say no surprise? Their very question is replete with presumed mischaracterizations.

So the next time someone asks why the Republicans “suddenly” care about “torture”, just say “Hey, why do Democrats suddenly not care about lying? … oh wait. Right.”

Hey, they’re consistent. Well, some of them are anyway, right Nancy?