Teh Twitter - Open Thread

Teh Twitter. Yeah. I’m hip. What of it?

Let me tell you something about Twitter. Despite the many humor blogs you’ve seen written, most people on Twitter are not sending Tweets (yes, that’s really what they are called … sigh) highlighting every mundane detail of their lives. “About to eat chicken” … “Eating Chicken” … “Done with Chicken” … “Remember the part where I was eating the chicken? That was awesome” … this is not, some of you may be surprised to learn, what Twitter is all about.

Twitter is a fast moving environment for commentary and to share articles, news, links, photos and essentially a snapshot of what’s happening on the web and in the world, in brief but sometimes enlightening or hilarious bursts, which don’t allow for too much embellishment, too much verbosity, or too much pompous over-stylizing of the way in which one speaks and communicates what thoughts or above-mentioned links which they may be trying to share.

In other words, no sentences like the one I just typed.

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now that you are on teh Twitter, you want to start following people. The way to do this is to go to their @twitter address and click on FOLLOW under the name. Easy! Now if only you knew WHO to follow … (cough @CalebHowe cough)

Following the right people is the key to enjoying Twitter. To that end, I’m going to make some suggestions. As this is an Open Thread, discuss what you will, but I invite you, in the tradition of #followfriday, to share your Twitter recommendations. (If you aren’t familiar with hashtags ask in the comments.)

Redstate on Twitter: @Redstate(obviously), @EWErickson, @jeffemanuel, @BrianFaughnan, @CAYankee, @SorenDayton, @MoeLane, @BaseballCrank, @Josh_Painter, @BillSTL, @Cianfrocca, @LeonWolf, @Kevinholtsberry, @MarkImpomeni, @RobertBluey, @JamesRichardson, and have I mentioned @CalebHowe?

Redhot Contributors: @simpson316, @aaron_gardner, @VladimirRS, @JadedByPolitics, @mbecker908, @RSBooBooKitty

Redstate Alums: @Yousefzadeh, @BDomenech, @SteveDillard,@HunterBaker, @JSTrevino

And some personal recommendations. Take my advice that you should take my advice: @JakeTapper (possibly my number one recommendation), @AndyLevy, @EdMorrissey, @AllahPundit, @LizMair, @AmSpec, @KarlRove, @streetwise_IT, @SteveFoley, @MediaLizzy, @right_examiner, @FredThompson, @BOTeleprompter, @MichelleMalkin, @snarkandboobs, @Lileks, @JTLol, @MKHammer, @vermontaigne, @collegepolitico, @MelissaTweets, @Duchess_Rebecca, @JPFreire, @JimmyTheNotable, @AKGovSarahPalin, @scrowder, @johnnydollar01 … you know this is getting too long.

Here you go, these are who I recommend: FOLLOW US. I’ll elaborate on some of my selections in the comments below.

So now you know. And don’t forget, in addition to #tcot, mark your posts with #rs to identify yourself as a proud RedStater and to have your tweets sorted into the #rs searches.

Now let’s hear your #followfriday recommends, eh?