President Newspeak Wants A Cookie


The left and the press (but I repeat myself) are falling all over each other in their haste to congratulate Obama and his manly response to the pirates. A retch-worthy visit to the comments section of left blogs reveals revolting mission-accomplished-gasms and endless reposts of photo fakes featuring Obama being cool or hip with the words “I Got This” adoringly emblazoned upon the savior of the West. To say the fawning adoration is grotesque would be a dramatic understatement and an insult to the merely grotesque.

There is little surprise in adoring Obamatons rewriting the story to evoke a man of action yelling “Charge!” After all, we’re in the midst of an “overseas contingency operation” and this hostage taking was a “man-caused disaster”. So it makes perfect sense to change Obama voting “present” into “come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?” That’s how newspeak works. It’s not reality, however.


As anyone who can read and has eyes and access to common sense knows, the decision to fire was made by the Commander and forces at sea. As one excellent Redstate member put it, they were tired of being made a laughingstock.

If you didn’t click on the vomitous links to the fawning media above, I understand. Suffice it to say that their heart palpitations regarding Obama’s decisiveness stem from the fact that he basically said “yes that’s true” regarding the fact that military has authority in life or death situations to use deadly force under the Rules of Engagement. Yes, you see, what the mighty Obama hero did was affirm that the military is indeed empowered to do their job in the fashion in which they have been empowered to do so previously. Another way to put that would be he did nothing. Blackfive’s outstanding Uncle Jimbo has been on top of this story from the start. Jimbo is fine with Jonah Goldberg being fine with Obama being credited with no good guys dying, just as he would be blamed if they had. Fine. I can do that. I’ll be fine with people who credit Obama for not screwing up badly enough for any of our troops to be harmed. He is expert at not doing anything in a way that causes nothing to happen. Huzzah.

What is not fine is the praise heaped upon him by the eager press who are bursting at the seams and frothing at the mouth with barely contained anticipation of screaming “SEE!!??????!” right in the face of the right when Obama does what they just deep down KNOW he will do: saves the world and the cheerleader and totally fulfills them in ways no one ever has before or ever will again.

But the absurdity of the overreach of claiming a personal victory for the man whose only discernible role is that, after several days, he stopped being in the way, is hard to fathom. It’s like crediting the moon for sunlight because an eclipse ended. Observe the AP’s Jennifer Loven:

For Obama, the benefits were instantly clear: an American life saved and a major victory notched against an increasingly worrisome scourge of the seas off the Horn of Africa.
The rescue appeared to vindicate Obama’s muted but determined handling of the incident.
Still, it goes some way toward dispelling the notion that a liberal Democrat with a known distaste for war – Obama campaigned on his consistent opposition to the Iraq invasion – doesn’t have the chops to call on U.S. military power.

Talk about premature immaculation. Is this what we shall expect from the Ministry of Truth? Everytime something happens the new Pravdas are on the scene telling us how Obama nailed it? You know, I was wrong, above, about the perception they are crafting. It’s more like this:

Of course, they don’t hesitate to claim justification for their adulation in the careful, light praise of Goldberg and Little Green Footballs and others. Sure, that faint praise for Obama for doing nothing gives cover to the revisionists who are already at work lionizing this as Obama’s decisive victory, but hey at least is isn’t mean. Well done.

And so our deadly makers of war have become an afterthought, and the courageous Captain a bit player, or even a villain. And Obama’s press and lapdogs continue transcribing the Obama scrolls as they see fit. He at the front, standing strong and proud. The Great Man.

You know, I think I know exactly what he was doing during the crisis, and exactly what he is doing right now.