What A Man - Obama Frightened By Ceremonial Gunshot

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the story and inspiration for the video. A little fun at Obama’s expense:


You know, there are a million pointy sticks to be had here. I can’t find the link, but I saw one blog this morning sardonically inquire as to the implication of jumping at gunfire because he’s in a Muslim country. Would leftblogs cry racism? Ouch. Still, you have admit it has a lot of humor potential … as has this whole trip actually. From his awkwardness with Queen Elizabeth, to his awkwardness with Carla Bruni, to his bowing obsequiously (not to mention awkwardly) to King Abdullah, if Obama’s trip has done nothing for the American image abroad or to bolster foreign policy, at least we can say this: he’s produced material for a million youtube videos to come. So that’s something, right?