Twitter Smear Update: Olbermann Redacts His Failure To Retract

failwhaleI’ve previously written at length about Keith Olbermann smearing Twitter and Dan Cooper, suggesting that they, along with Fox News, conspired to defraud America by setting up a fake Twitter account in Keith’s name. As we all know by now, Keith couldn’t have done a worse job with that segment. Not only was the Twitter account legit, he actually had a second account for his show, which tweeted the very segment where he denied being a part of Twitter!! Well, Keith has finally decided to address the smear. I could explain this in detail, but I think I’ll let Keith speak for himself:


“Mr. Cooper has informed us he had nothing to do with the account.” Way to go Keith, way to man up. I asked Dan Cooper for his reaction to the segment. Here’s Dan’s reply:

“The damage has been done. Mr. Olbermann’s choked-out legalese has not undone it.” – Dan Cooper

That really does sum it up perfectly, doesn’t it? The other part of this story that is really interesting is that both the segment where Keith names Twitter “Worst Person” and the segment where he fails to retract or apologize have been scrubbed from the MSNBC website. In fact, they edited the segment before posting online, excising only the non-retraction. (Video below)

Keith Olbermann. Made of class.

Keith’s Edited Version Of The Segment:


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